Blackberry app store into a garbage dump: more than 40000 blackberry applications produced by the same company

blackberry, I really don’t want to talk down you, but you are so disappointing!


, and BlackBerry World (BlackBerry app store) are from the application of a third to a development company. And the company use the openness of the blackberry platform, for the application of the batch production of the same.

the called S4BB company, located in Hong Kong. Since 2006, started playing for Palm and blackberry company production application. In addition, we also found that, in its production application involves several platforms and offer the amazon, Google Play, etc.

click, point Load More points to the adversary.

the BlackBerry 120000 app existing in the World, and development of application of S4BB by total up to 47000! Not only that, these applications on the one hand, the content is similar, for example, a novel audio, a city travel brochure is a separate application, it is easy to brush out tens of thousands of applications. On the other hand the quality also is very poor, such as “double coin”, sound, combination lock accounted for a large part of this application. It is hard to imagine why the blackberry no censorship, let a company published so many applications (or blackberry doesn’t care about).

bad market share, top executives, seeking to buy frequently leaves but neglected predicament, let the future of the blackberry company become a dim, ill. Although had confidence in BB10 hines, of operation platform, and proved it was a complete failure. , according to reports in the BlackBerry downloads ranks high in the World of the company (a streaming music broadcast application), has refused to continue to provide a BlackBerry. Reason is that they think is not worth for blackberry spend time and energy.

in the “application for the king” s, only to the user experience as the basis, the application of the long tail is changed continuously introduce meet user needs to win the market. However, for already is the embattled blackberry company, perhaps helping these at the moment.