Bing strong back Deny including malware is able to Google 5 times

Beijing time on April 20, according to foreign media reports, last week, Germany antivirus software evaluation institutions AV – Test, according to a study in Microsoft’s bing search engine recognition site contains malicious software capabilities is five times as much as Google.

however, Microsoft said does not agree with this data, and against the AV in today issued a statement – the Test conclusion. Bing’s developers said they used their own API to perform user input keywords, rather than on directly for analysis. Microsoft also admits, though, that this approach can bypass the bing malware warning system.

Microsoft will be responsible for the project’s senior manager David firth ted (David Felstead) said that bing actually allows users to avoid clicking contains malicious software web site, because the engine directly in the search results page, these websites link failure, and warns the user in the website text description this site has a safe hidden trouble, don’t click.

Microsoft does not put these may contain malicious software website blocking directly, because most of these sites is a formal website, often is the hacker attacks after placed on malicious software. In addition to these measures, the user clicks on a potentially dangerous links, bing will pop up warning window again.

Figure 1

【 】 if website contains malicious software, bing will display warning information in the search results page (tencent technology illustrated)

firth ted said, and the reason to do so, because when a user searches for a site, they hope to related sites can appear in the bing search results page, even though the site may contain malicious software. If they couldn’t search on bing a web site, so they would think bing search technology is not mature.

all in all, in the bing search engine, may appear when close to 0.04% of the keywords in the search contains malicious software website. Firth ted also said that bing’s warning system allows users to avoid malicious sites to click on 94%.

in the near future, the competition between Google and bing has intensified the trend, but the firth ted said, and to identify whether a web site with a malicious software is a very complicated work, is now no one do this search engine can be 100%.

in addition, the firth ted also said that Microsoft will only be warned to users, and not directly to delete these potentially malicious web site, this is also in order to better protect users. Otherwise, the user may run to the Google search, then click the in the case of no knowledge these malicious web sites.

here is the AV – Test in the study, a data. From which we can see that in the tested in Google website, only a few sites exist malicious software, you may feel nothing too much of an issue.

however, considering the users all over the world every day will be 2 billion to 2 billion in Google search, this means that every day there are millions of users may access the malicious web site, and this is definitely a very worrying thing.

translation: tencent technology