Bing search results in the number of malicious sites close to Google 5 times

Beijing time on April 13th morning news, Germany AV information security research institutions – the Test, the researchers found that Microsoft’s bing search results become infected with malware site number close to Google’s five times.

the AV – Test, the researchers spent 18 months, a survey of the search engine search results in more than 40 million sites, to determine how much of the search results page is malware infections, or fishing attacks.

according to the survey, in Google and bing search results, 20 million websites, there are 272 results Google malicious software, and shall be due and the results of the 1285 malicious software, close to five times as much as Google. Another dual Russian search engine search results, however, the most number of malicious sites, almost 10 times more than Google.

the AV – Test researchers Markus salinger (Markus Selinger) said: “given the Google search request process from 2 billion to 2 billion times a day, every day in the search results to see the malicious web site will amount to hundreds of thousands of times.” During the investigation, the researchers found about 5000 possible malicious web sites.

according to the survey, the search engine’s search results may be lurking in a large number of malicious software, but in fact the real quantity is not so much. According to the AV – the Test data, if only 272 of the 10921207 of Google search results contain malicious software, then the ratio is only 0.0025%. Considering the Google search request handling billions of times a day, the malicious web site shows that the absolute number is large. Search engines, however, is not the only line of defense for user defense malicious websites.

your browser can also be validated the search results of search engine, now almost all the major browsers integrated fishing websites and malicious web site filtering tools. Research institutions NSS Lab, according to a study of the firefox browser detection rate of more than 90% of malicious sites, and Chrome to a maximum of 94. IE and Safari were 92% and 91% respectively.

in addition to the browser, antivirus software can also monitor the phishing attacks and malicious software. AV – the Test also for mainstream antivirus solution were tested, the results show that antivirus malware detection rate of 92.5% on average.

but the AV – Test pointed out that the crux of the problem is that the user needs to ensure that the browser and antivirus software upgrade to the latest version, because many of the means of attack targeting the outdated browsers and plug-ins.