Bill Gates was wrong. Microsoft, wake up!

in financial news ( CNBC ) in an interview broadcast on Monday, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said, Windows and Microsoft’s Surface tablets will eventually win in the global market of apple the , the let users feel frustrated.

Office should be

last month, we reported that Microsoft to iOS and Android Office the release of the time delay of message. I hope that gatsby Ballmer more smarter, but on this question, gates and Ballmer just as confused.

the disappointment of gates is very concerned for the users, in this case, he might misunderstand into many tablet computer users to the be disappointed. Before Mr Ballmer said: “ Surface and the is not of the same type, the can’t create a file, so we provide products in the graces of the advantage obviously, but that doesn’t affect their for PC expectations. If you have a Surface or Surface Pro , it has a tablet portability, and also PC the same keyboard and Office .”

wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

users do not need to the is more like a PC , if you can, instead of user hope PC more the , at least at the current situation. Market reflects everything, in the latest quarter, apple sold a total of 1950 ten thousand the , in the same period last year sales is 1180 ten thousand. In contrast, Surface situation at present is not so optimistic.

According to

IDC tablet PC sales, according to data released this quarter tablets sold 4920 ten thousand units, but Surface sales of less than 90 ten thousand, accounts for the market of 1.8% . Is not only a Surface , IDC said: “all Windows 8 and Windows tablets are still hard to be recognised by the market. All vendors’ Windows and WindowsRT tablet sales are still less than 180 ten thousand, and this number is only the apple the sales of the week.

at the beginning of this year, gates surprise publicly said Microsoft’s mobile strategy is wrong. Many observers believe that their mobile strategy is rapid change, including the Surface and Windows Phone .

no accident, today, Bill Gates is a repeated ballmer: Windows 8 is a revolutionary product, it has the tablets and PC , portable and with a keyboard and Office .

gates obviously still in reviewing past , although Windows in the world have 12.5 billions of large user base, but