Big park network “empathy” offline for our favorite stylemakers?

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last week, many media issued a news about the big park network, the main content is “home textile electric daqo park founder Wang Zhiquan revealed that this year 4 month after tens of millions of dollars of CDH venture financing , has recently launched a round of financing plan, plans to complete at least before the end of the 5000 yuan funds will be used in big park sure latest O2O strategy, expected to be completed by the end of next year 100 offline store. “in the past a lot of well-known electrical contractor dream ba Sally, Dr Samar and wine such as the us open in offline is not successful, big park is just on the contrary, this is our favorite stylemakers?

“fresh” big park network

big park network founder bing wang also kubah network, the founder of the kubah after being bought, in early March 2012 Wang Zhiquan announced that the outgoing chief executive kubah net. Big park on August 28, online line, its official introduces himself as “the first independent design, production, domestic and B2C as the main way of selling household brand, the main home textile, underwear, receive and other household products.” Coo8 left kubah choose to be a big park network is mainly due to find the bedroom products industry is a lot of quality products for many years without significant improvement in the past, in physics and chemistry are very large apart with foreign standards, and these are big park network.

online early, big park network basic spread by word of mouth, microblogging and WeChat friends circle will become the main propaganda position. Click on the big park web pages, pure and fresh and simple visual experience for consumers to pay attention to the quality of impression.

2013 , 4 month, big park network got the CDH venture of tens of millions of yuan A round of investment (media disclosure A round amount is 300 $), after the big park network will product line from towel, bed is tasted to underwear, slippers, receive, infants category, such as SKU 300 . But in Wang Zhiquan view, expand the category is not blind, but around the user needs. “Big category or limit in the bedroom, the expansion of the category main hope for old customers to provide more choice. Big park network will not pay big money to buy a new user.”

according to introducing, big park network current quarter to lead is about 30% – 30%, if the new guest to remove this quarter, about 80% of consumers will buy for a second. Although users is only about twenty thousand people, but the guest unit price of more than 300 yuan, and the cumulative consumption of more than 3000 yuan also have thousands of consumers. According to Alexa web site monitoring mechanism, according to data from the big park network over the past three months per IP is 36000, the average daily PV is 108000. Wang Zhiquan big park network this year are expected to achieve 2000-3000 sales, sales next year will reach 1 .

according to the above data, the author made a calculation, big park online line in the first year (August 2012 – August 2013) of the size of the sales income in 600 to 8 million.

big park offline “guess”

Wang Zhiquan revealed that big park planning years across the country set up 10 offline store, next year plans to open 100, these stores can be proprietary or join mode. Wang Zhiquan stressed that big park network offline store isn’t store experience, but for constructions. He calculation a number, if constructions operation cost control within 50000 yuan, sales of 150000 yuan per month you can maintain a balance between profit and loss. Due to the Internet for offline store will play a guide role, these offline shop won’t open in busy areas, but the open where there is a certain capacity, and may even open in office building, 80-100 square meters each. He expected, from online to offline customer proportion will reach 50%.

we first not predict stores the actual operation effect, hypothesis can achieve monthly sales revenue 20 ten thousand yuan, annual sales of 2.4 million yuan), 100 stores the annual revenue is 240 million yuan. This Wang Zhiquan mentioned above big park network than sales of 100 million yuan, is expected next year is not much gap. In other words, a big park network website and other online channels if, at the same time line sales last year reached 2.4 one hundred million yuan is also completely can be done. So why so desperately want to go to big park network spread offline store?

empathy line for our favorite stylemakers

mentioned 2013 , 4 month, big park network obtained the CDH venture investment of tens of millions of yuan. Carefully read the media reported last week, have such a words: “big park network has recently launched a round plan , to finish before the end of the year at least 5000 yuan funds will be used in big park sure latest O2O ( from online to offline ) strategy, expected to be completed by the end of next year 100 offline store.

the author consult to digital investment in the industry, according to the 2013 at the beginning of the electricity business financing situation, we believed that CDH venture capital for big park network A wheel injection can’t more than 2000 ten thousand yuan. According to the existing revenue big park network scale, deduct the early shop goods cost and comprehensive operating costs of a year, big park net book maybe don’t have the cash. One investor may be revealed some of the mystery, round amount, it is impossible to allow enterprises to burn for more than two years. In front of the burn, either a profit, or raise wheel.

no matter Wang Zhiquan and big park network has many good ideas and goals, the first priority is to survive. Ways to survive is profit realize own hematopoiesis by itself, or for a new round of financing. Face harsh market environment, a new round of financing may be big park network of choice of now.

what makes big park network to obtain new financing? Vertical electrical business has been a result is not the darling of the capital, especially now the capital of environment, the domestic vertical electric business acquisitions or for capital chain rupture and the collapse of the message from (a famous case: d cotton net, red child, crucco), in the forefront, big park net how can impress investors?

big park after a year of operation, the second startup Wang Zhiquan impossible is not in the online makes its soil. But subject to household products consumption scale, brand, product performance, high flow rate and customer acquisition cost, full range Wang Zhi people for large park on Internet sales growth also heart is bottomless, that how to impress investors again?

value investors is the size of the growth and investment returns. How big park network give investors drew the outline of the blueprint for a high-speed growth? Over the past week the media of “big park network start theory of financing, completed before the end of next year, 100 offline store “press implied motivation here. Then you will find the answer.

no matter whether to expand offline store, big park network financing needs are imminent. In the face of almost all electrical contractor touch store