Big data of O2O intruder: vanke 30000 marketing fee in 4 million sales

a big data based joint O2O sellers try, let two participants suddenly transform another face, appear in front of all people.

on 18 September and October 6, vanke, low commissioning water a O2O new marketing, using broad point through advertising platform of LBS orientation ability, to the shenzhen area of QQ users on the “red” vanke property of precision marketing. Only promote a building dish, the effect is somewhat surprising: vanke investment 30000 yuan, 20 million time of exposure, tens of thousands of AD clicks, eventually turnover is RMB 4 million.

in not long ago, vanke Wang Shiceng told the media propaganda has become a “technology companies”, his argument is no longer have to vanke sales teams, 2700 team of engineers have accounted for 40% of the total number of employees. Even so, it seems to have real issues with the Internet, the new marketing.

however, vanke O2O Marketing Department that’s one small step for testing the waters, is able to convey a clear signal: actively embrace the Internet, the traditional enterprise can jump out of the elephant dance, this is another aspect of “technology companies”.

look at broad points, which starred big data counter attack have been many times, one of the most famous case is selling in the QQ space within 90 seconds 90 red rice phone (usu. in two lines: after this “business observation” had written red rice revelation), however, its basic market is given priority to with game, electricity and other online business circle.

this time, wide point has become the offline business circle O2O new plays the intruder, the imagination will excessive expansion.

in fact, before this, had developers try to take advantage of group purchase, attract users to make an appointment to offline building house. However, it did not develop into property developers favored by the conventional marketing means, testing the waters with marketing gimmick composition is higher. In summary, group buying is short-term big promoting behavior, real estate and commodities, no enterprise will often adopt the low discount, chicken blood sales promotion methods.

many old friends will know “business observation”, summarizes the methodology is the tendency, this time is no exception. Is unique in the vanke O2O sell found the fulcrum, big data behind this need a set of mature and effective way of traffic.

so, wide click-through O2O new marketing based on the social big data, the methodology of what have?

a, data should have enough level, which depends on the collection channels and the effective combination of processing tools.

I got from an internal data shows that as an important part of the wider point tencent open platform to open out the flow of about 10 billion every day. The flow channel by which collected? The first thing to mention is certainly QQ and Qzone, circle of friends, hand Q social products, such as QQ has 8.18 YiYue active users and 173 million users online at the same time, QQ space in the 626 million monthly active users, and many enterprise certification space always has 1.8 billion followers, fans are active at the 400 million level.

second is tencent grope for out of the QQ client PC advertising display mode, placed in the QQ show, QQ dialog box position such as advertising, almost can realize short moments of strong drainage. In addition, the wide click-through is testing the waters of mobile advertising alliance gradually show effect, wireless access flow also broke through 100 million every day.

have almost is most Chinese social network data collection gold mine, still need a set of effective collection and algorithm tools. Many people are concerned about a problem, tencent’s large data is how to collect, fine degree of how high?

now, carried out widely click-through data mining analysis mainly from the two dimensions “behavior” and “people”. So-called behavioural data, mainly including the audience AD click behavior, potential paying behavior, the vertical website registration and browsing behavior, etc. The so-called “people” dimension data, mainly for the user group of properties of refined classification, such as can be in accordance with the spending power, user interest graph, such as life cycle state.

it is worth mentioning, broad points will not only analyze the user product in tencent system (social, electricity, email, music, video, etc.) on the behavior and the relationship between chain data (heat QQ friends, QQ group activity), also will use QQ connected, advertising alliance, collection and analysis of inbound data resources.

this is an unimaginable gold mine of data has started to go beyond the category of social data, although we often to analyze tencent’s strategy of big data.

2, on the basis of massive collection, based on the orientation of LBS on the ability, realize mass exposure and efficient conversion.

at the end, “vanke red” building project widely click-through Zheng Zhihao guru, tencent vice President is not entirely “enjoy”. After watching the end of the project of the data analysis results, he thinks that this time on the precise granularity can again a little bit thin, the effect will be better.

Zheng Zhihao found that from the perspective of the property characteristics of presence and signing the crowd, most of them just graduated 2 years or so, live in luohu district, mostly from the IT field and government departments such as white-collar workers.

in other words, if the vanke and wide click-through right from the start there was a more sophisticated user attributes, select those who graduated from university five years and now lives in office in luohu district, white-collar crowd scene online habits, vanke can use to organise the 4 million sales of 3000 yuan, is almost ten times the level of effect.

return to the topic of O2O, offline business world one of the most significant feature is the business circle radiation radius, within a radius of potential users purchase and loyal customers, is the core businesses to compete. Group-buying model exist a short board is that sometimes cause some price sensitive customers covering business circle radius, the actual value is not big.

the crux of the problem lies in how to offline business circle radius user implementation of massive exposure, and orientation on the realization of ROI.

vanke, the first in line with the age, record of formal schooling, such as the matching condition of customers and then using broad point orientation ability of LBS business circle of shenzhen some consumption power, chose such as by comparing the historical record excellent luohu district, yantian district and futian district area.

then, vanke at wide on the background of choose cast surely in the nation’s most familiar on the QQ chat window, more than 2000 ten thousand exposures or the resulting, clinch a deal finally led to 4 million.

to total sales divided by advertising, advertising ROI is as high as 133. As stated earlier, this still have more room to improve.

3, cow again big data algorithm, also must be grounded in the field of O2O, the extension of the product concept is: front simplification, making a fool of, visual control process.

in a midnight visit guang tong, a witness simulation advertisers product manager how to use the orientation on the point of background. This is a fully automated process, and no complex technical terms, advertisers after upload their own advertising images, by click on the location, business circle area, user scope of gender, age, educational background, several options such as Internet scene, consumption ability, can complete one of the most simple advertising push.

and from the perspective of the process of the O2O seller, all links are reduced to three steps, namely online drainage, appointment and to shop. A look is to understand, the whole operation process to simply cannot again simple.

and I visited the product manager’s personal experience is that traditional enterprises in the face of the new Internet marketing tools, there are certain questions and even fear psychology. For example, they would think that using QQ are kids, how can they afford to buy a house? For example, when it comes to technical problems, they will feel more trouble, difficult to control.

in addition, advertising has a famous saying: “I know that half of my advertising dollars wasted, but I don’t know where waste”. Situation based on the effect of the large data marketing era will be change, Zheng Zhihao said that wide click-through background provides from full exposure, clicks, cost etc.) of detailed data, the cost of every penny basic it is visible and controllable.

it should be pointed out that, small controllable, and can continue to test the tuning, widely is click-through data precision marketing has not been fully displayed in front of the market’s ace in the hole. At present, many large data of the company’s products is only record the audience simply click and browsing behavior, lack of scene recognition and matching ability, that is to say, many users of the potential demand is poured out from the results judgement, is not a real user demand for mining. Solution is constantly tested similar AB face, thus tuning and demand match, including Google Adsense are using this way.

as far as I know the news, vanke has from the mind into the real promotion, testing the waters the next step is to replicate and optimization, constantly building for O2O sell them one by one. If vanke every drop, to be able to combine the previous scenario analysis to test the tuning, its input costs and ROI output will be able to enter a positive cycle, this is the real charm of big data.

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