Bezos how to revive the Washington post: electricity into a breakthrough

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Beijing time on August 8, news, according to foreign media reports, as the new owner of the Washington post, Jeff? Bezos (Jeff Bezos) must find let has been losing money in the Washington post a profit. Many media industry experts are optimistic that bezos would manage themselves amazon’s big four successful experience to lead the process of the Washington post out of the woods, namely, software development, data collection, electronic commerce, as well as his personal investment philosophy of patience.

as today’s media industry urgently needs a new change. The American newspaper industry consultant, the Washington post, former editor Alan? (Alan Mutter) pointed out: “accumulation of users, providing personalized service, and improve product profitability is bezos and amazon’s core competitiveness. Facts have proven that if we can achieve more communication with customers by smartphones, you evaluate user feedback ability is stronger, the more you will understand the user behavior, thus better able to provide content and advertising services to users.”

e-commerce into breakthrough

the mason did very well in electronic commerce, the personage inside course of study points out, this may be bezos to the Washington post, the biggest wealth. Market research firm eMarketer, vice President of clark? Frederick sen (Clark Fredricksen) pointed out: “the amazon’s success has brought many industries are very huge impact, such as books, retail and streaming video market. But behind bezos has been held to go fishing Taiwan. Bezos are rich in the experience of electronic commerce, this is the Washington post and the entire newspaper industry a potential breakthrough.”

industry veteran said, under the leadership of bezos, whether it is make full use of e-commerce market, or digital data mining the Washington post, market potential, the paper must be first transformed into a national platform. Over the years, the Washington post, local advertising is always can’t with the well-known international reputation to match.

the intentions of bezos seems to not be known from the outside. Since Monday announced a $250 million acquisition of the Washington post, in addition to the Washington post, bezos refused to accept any media interview.

Mr Soss, told the Washington post staff, he will not be involved in the day-to-day management of the Washington post. Some malicious critics speculated that the billionaire could just want to buy media assets or to find a reliable media spokesperson. However, according to the personage inside course of study points out that familiar with bezos, bezos acquisition of the Washington post completely from the perspective of providing better social services. An amazon spokeswoman declined to comment further on the investment behavior of bezos.

in fact, the Washington post, before this has been cooperating with amazon launched a pilot. Began a few years ago, the Washington post and its book review section embedded links to amazon, which makes the paper in books are sold by amazon link received a small portion of the revenue. But so far, the Washington post from an e-commerce business revenue also very few.

the China Washington post website former executive editor, current Digital First Media editor Jim? Brady (Jim Brady) pointed out: “if you look at our level of income in electronic commerce, I would like to say we have done in the field is very poor. In the process of the news and profit together, always accompanied by ethical risk occurs, so we could have.”

can use for reference the experience of peers

industry observers said bezos may be based on the experience of the European counterparts, such as Europe’s biggest newspaper publisher Axel Springer – (Axel Springer), Bild news sites. Readers can purchase the iPhone on the site, watches, soccer jerseys and high price of sports commemorative book.

very much American newspapers also have engaged in e-commerce business. The New York Times company (New York Times Co.) to sell souvenirs and travel kit, and the Wall Street journal’s parent company News corporation (News corp.) also sells wine and other commodities. BBS newspaper group (Tribune Co.), the Los Angeles times is still in its headquarters runs a store selling brand t-shirts and notepad.

so far, most publishers in cutting costs, but they have been working hard through ascension paper print price and set up a “pay wall” (paywall) to increase subscription revenues. The billing services to the subscribers can read free limit the number of articles. It did help some newspapers to increase digital subscription revenues.

but can appear a situation is, bezos will completely cancel or print publishing business to follow the practice of other newspaper owner, reduce the print publishing. Last year, The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper (The but Cleveland Plain Dealer), owner of Advance Publications Inc. Started in several cities, including New Orleans and Birmingham, cut journal published a number of days to three times a week. The company has been adhere to shrink the size of the publishing and printing paper home delivery business, at the same time vigorously develop business web site, in order to cut costs and tracking through the network point of interest of readers and advertisers.

insist on investment philosophy – return

another more simple possibility is: before the turnaround, bezos would have been to the Washington post, just like his original investment in the amazon.

last year, the founder of the online greeting card company Aaron? Kushner (Aaron Kushner) and its partners bought the Orange County chronicle (Orange County Register). The general practice in a against most other publishers, this two people and the newspaper added, 350 employees, make its employees a total of about 1000 people.

kushner, said the orange county chronicle of profitable in the last year, this year will also be profitable again.

library kirshner points out: “the amazon has been criticism because of excessive investment, but the company of each investment has received considerable returns. We also face the same criticism. But the reality is that if you don’t investment, it is difficult to grow.”

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