Bet: alibaba’s new CEO is Mr. Lu 5 reasons undoubtedly has come true ($)

March 11, hunting cloud network news

familiar with alibaba executives to hunt cloud network today said that alibaba’s new CEO is Mr. Lu. “I bet!”

Mr. Lu

this personage to hunt cloud network said he come to the conclusion that there are the following:

a, Mr. Lu qualifications, familiar with business

Mr. Lu joined alibaba in 1999, is a veteran etiquette. In alibaba in 2000 Ren Huana district chief. Between December 2004 and March 2008, President of alibaba group, vice President of the company President. On February 21, 2011, at the same time continue to serve as chief executive of the President of alibaba and taobao, CEO and President of alibaba group executive vice President. In June 2011, he resigned as CEO taobao. As a B2B business head.

look from its record, Mr. Lu very familiar with alibaba, alibaba is the core business of land management. Also be referred to as the fire captain.

2, Mr. Lu execution ability

Mr. Lu in execution super group NaGong think, for a tens of thousands of employees, business cover extremely complex group, managers need a strong executive force.

3, executives for its highly

alibaba leaked a gossip, said Mr. Lu’s name well “six million, 6 trillion. Gossip is widespread, because lu in alibaba’s popularity. Ma comments on lu: comprehensive, decisive, strong execution. Alibaba highest chief Ming zeng comments on lu: group most of managers.

4, inheritance, ma mantle

from alibaba almost created at the beginning, just to follow Mr Ma lu, strategic essence of ma was very understanding. Do chairman jack ma, CEO, he do a strategic implementation, a good match.

5, ma of successor early description

jack ma said that this year, the vast majority of ali leader, was born in the 1960 s will exit management executive role, handed the leadership responsibility to born in the 70 s and 70 s colleagues. And Mr. Lu was born in 1969, in line with ma description of successor.

update: in hunting cloud network released the news after half an hour, alibaba officially announced, Mr. Lu served as chief executive of collective! Click on “> @ hunting cloud network