Belong to apple’s cost performance

1 night Beijing time today, in San Francisco’s yerba buena apple product launch in October. A total of up to released two new device, two new MacBook Pro, announced the release date of the host Mac Pro () early next year. Free software is great hoso, free from charging into the following three: OS X giant, three-piece suit iLife, iWork three-piece suit.

two tablet

this conference at WWDC 2013, before the content is basic leak out in the media. The only “surprise” xi is the fifth generation of the name is not the 5, but the Air.

understand apple MacBook naming rules friends not startled, with Air, it even has a stronger more Pro? Ok what apple did not release the Pro today.

the Air new feature is: faster, lighter, more thin.

with consistent with the iPhone 5 s of a new generation of 64 – bit processors A7. Narrow bezel, narrow width to 16.95 cm, thin thickness to 7.5 mm. The body weight is dropped to 469 grams. On November 1, price 3588 yuan, started selling.

with the Retina screen Mini: sincerity masterpiece

the Mini update the sincerity, with the Air of the same specifications 2048 x1536 display on a 7.9 -inch screen, the result is 326 ppi is able to outperform the plate boundary. In addition, 64 A7 same chip. Starting at 2888 yuan. Officials said November shipment later, what day is it is not clear.

two device should be among the best tablet, but should have some friends would struggle to buy the Air or the mini, after all Air portability is also improved.

two new MacBook Pro

13 inch MacBook Pro version use Haswell Intel processor, battery life up to nine hours.

15 inch MacBook Pro version use Crystalwell Intel processors, low-end version is Iris Pro collection show, high-end optional GeForce GT 750 m alone.

free system and software

free OS X giant upgrade is now provided in the Mac Appstore.

free three-piece suit iLife, iWork three-piece suit, as long as to buy the iOS or Mac OS device can be achieved. Another apple made a larger upgrade the iWork, puts forward the concept of online collaborative editing.

in view of the weakness of the apple in the aspect of cloud computing, however, we cannot expect iWork collaborative editing can reach Google Drive level.

the apple to the conference are two key words: free of charge, for the best. Cook, under the leadership of the apple, in the form of added amount no premium provides a series of the most cost-effective products. Yes, you have no wrong, is “value” the vocabulary of this usually don’t have contact with the apple.

apple provides top hardware with relatively reasonable price. 2013 four new MacBook, two the best cost performance products. Especially the Retina screen version of the mini hard hit Google new Nexus 7 and the challenge of series of new generation amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

today, if not hardcore Google users or amazon (even Microsoft users), the average consumer to purchase tablet should be from the Air and Retina version of the mini is selected.