Behind the plane hit: games on social all commonly

elements of a classic but simple, the quality is not outstanding aircraft games discussed why is becoming a hot spot of people over the past few days in dinner? For the domestic game developers, does this mean the market is fully occupied by channels, the game will no longer make or break a product’s quality? (方堃)

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mesh before in a paean of WeChat 5.0, criticism or questioned the attitude of the flood in the dearest. Undeniable micro letter 5.0 is a successful mobile social product, the built-in game center outlook also be reckoned, but that doesn’t mean the product is perfect, hit the plane behind the game is popular, rival industry especially in terms of research and development of domestic business, a way is not necessarily a good thing, let’s together to listen to another voice in the industry, watching to see the flying fiery behind what is the impact on the industry?

1 and a plane is not hand swim but social product

with the media platform of WeChat games generally keep enthusiastic attitude, on the other hand, mobile game industry to keep WeChat gaming platform is mostly wait-and-see attitude.

have carefully studied the dozen planes of the game, but don’t want to offend tencent anonymous calls, this game is very “pediatrics”, its core is not a game, but a social, extreme, is playing the plane even company game products, but a social product.

the other explains, can play the plane is at the heart of drying out their own performance in your circle of friends, compete with friends. But to interact, play and collecting is the three core elements of mobile game, hit the plane the game without any collection of components, and interaction is just at the primary level of drying performance, so, in his view, the it is not a game, but merely WeChat social elements.

application collect co-founder COO Yuan Cong agree to the above viewpoint. He said: “this kind of recreational little game, can only use classic to describe, superior quality level is there. The game should be in the game world released a signal: the micro letter to launch a social attribute strong gaming platform.”

the CEO sun jian game also said that playing the plane of the game, give full play to the relationship between the value chain, from product, fly

machine is just a simplified version of the thunder and lightning, lightning is tencent and one of the most money the single-player game platform. They may hope to establish the future all through the game mobile social games template based on micro letter.

2 , tencent in proving: platform is greater than the game quality

public information display, WeChat gaming platform policy is very strict, requirements must be s-class game, sole, no copyright gold and not commitment to promote conditions. Game on the surface, and this is WeChat platform quality put forward higher requirements on the game, but this is just a cover?

a rival product manager in the experience of the micro letter platforms, “every day love to eliminate” and hit the plane said after the game, hit the plane there is no quality of the game itself, popular reason is that with the new micro letter will automatically load the game, at the same time set the social factors, short-term hot, don’t believe in long-term retention rates.

this product managers think, hit the plane does not concern the game’s boom, it is worth noting that real gameplay higher “eliminate every day love” is submerged in the kumite aircraft a dearest. This is perhaps tencent in outward bound to prove: platform is higher than the game quality. And WeChat game platform are put forward such harsh conditions, although to a certain extent listed in order to ensure the quality of the game, but more important is to develop business: more important platform.

according to understanding, hit the plane on WeChat permissions is higher than the launch of the “everyday love to eliminate” at the same time, and eliminate the secondary process of authorization.

the other, for the future of micro letter game platform also have a lot of people for a piece of praise. Although some media comparing it to the kakao LINE in Japan or South Korea, but i-free Asia CEO Evgeny Kosolapov has said publicly that the WeChat gaming platform because of a shortage of operator billing system, like South Korea kakao talk it hard to like kakao success.

Evgeny Kosolapov admitted that micro letter game platform will bring the huge impact to domestic tour market hand, he is just the micro letter game platform can become kakao and questioned.

the data shows, Kakao game platform is developing at a surprising speed in South Korea. At present the platform game total subscription amount more than 300 million, the downloaded over 400 million times. In the first half of 2013 sales of 384 billion won ($343 million), an increase of 194% from the 118 billion won in the second half of 2012.

but unlike WeChat, kakao gaming platform to get the full support of South Korea’s local operators, and operators will introduce a billing system.

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