Behind the east elder brother in the domain name: to li coquetry Zhou Hongyi out

(contributing editor: qing nan)

since tomatoes events, the east elder brother has for a long time didn’t give the industry making fun of the subject. The jingdong in domain, the east elder brother play gold charm of watering can, again is again stamp under my nerve.

why change domain name? The east elder brother said:

“jingdong have jd two word, a large number of consumers can through the way of direct input, and 360 buy so has caused many people to remember. If baidu accounted for 20% to 30% of the traffic, you basically baidu is really your boss, how much money he wants you to him.”

the east elder brother said, in domain names is not let baidu skinned ah, is don’t pay it to li.

good reason! Li dong obviously make jingdong shareholders is very ugly, the east elder brother said, li investment jingdong, then I just dozen is li’s face.

the east elder brother said to self-built league, to play circle flow. Minute minutes it is spite of li.

this scene so familiar. Oh, come to think of it. The rumor li investment during the jingdong, east elder brother is such a flirt YanGong. Flirt as a result of the strong elder brother said YanGong personal investment jingdong…

behind spray, there is a public relations planning, behind the speech will be referred to.

the east elder brother is so naughty, on the one hand, exposed the baidu is still a important channel for jingdong getting traffic. On the other hand, the implication is that so to li in pettish, baidu should help jingdong.

why say again said jingdong Zhou Hongyi out in domain names is?

words, Zhou Hongyi because of the special supply and the east elder brother played hot machine. Lao zhou hope for a machine like millet, cow force east elder brother hope to be able to make a pen, the two hit it off (it is said that two people can walk very close, but also because of old, old is lei jun).

two people good to what degree? Look at elder zhou this weibo.

Lao zhou said jingdong is 360 of its assets (this also don’t blame Lao zhou, jingdong domain and 360 indeed like a brother niang compatriots, too easy to let the user, especially the small white users from lenovo. Buy 360 and 360 is a company? I was in the old classmates of the “idiot” question for fall.)

but then for a machine to float in the sky is painting, drop exactly the rotten mud, Lao zhou, for the machine finally turned into a housing project. Not into both sides of the trade, but the meal, a friend is made.

however, a series of privacy infringement event happened after 360, to the forefront on the top of the 360. Although 360 said, these are errors, are fake, also open a conference every classics to court.

but these events, apparently on the scale of 360 brands produced quite negative effects. 360, 360 don’t buy too innocent? The east elder brother in domain is afraid of user generated brand association, hurry up to 360.

I said why so sure? Because JD.COM this domain name is jingdong is already enabled, then jingdong jump out to publicity, not for other, just to say 88 to 360.

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