Battle against O2O: electric business platform market in earnest

day cat and suning, a born electricity nobles, one is the traditional retail giant. Although after CLP business brief encounter, but compared to the next is the outbreak of the war seems to be weak several levels.

is almost at the same time, the two rivals are important preparations for released in the near future. Tmall revolves around the whole strategy of the double tenth one and how that, compared with the previous administrations shopping mardi gras, Tmall change this year is the most important is entered into the mechanics of O2O, to integrate nationwide more than 1000 cities and counties of 3 m offline stores. And suning followed by tong sent the manuscript to the media said that will be launched in early November in O2O shopping festival.

it’s not hard to see from the time node, suning’s intention is to sniper Tmall. This also means that both parties competition to enter a new stage. Not only that, and will expand to jingdong, tencent electricity, electricity daqo platform on O2O will inevitably compete more widely.

day cat O2O big training

although did not disclose double tenth day cat in the communication meeting activity of a specific instructions of the O2O mode, but from ali after business seemed to detect some clue on the layout, it is that day cats wireless client will deep integration with Scott map, and day cat online flagship store to open.

map products are seen as O2O best entrance in the future. It is under this trend, in May this year with a $294 million stake in alibaba gold, become the first big shareholder (28%). By taking a stake in sina weibo for social short board, board of the map is filled. At this point, ali in mobile electricity aspirant can attack, retreat and defend, an empire of the combination of online and offline already faint the horizon.

the cat double tenth day by activity, is ali O2O big training for the first time in the true sense of grand strategy, the importance is self-evident. However, vice President of Tmall Wang Yulei (flower: xiao feng) is not specific measures.

however, in a double tenth, before the official start of the day the cat with the domestic famous department store retail the intime department store, focused on the new model is based on O2O, specific measures will be unveiled to 17.

from some of the electricity industry point of view, in collaboration with day cat offline businesses, the payment will use pay treasure, it won’t be able to control the entire trading session.

suning’s determination to

wind had leaned to suning natural addition, suning, after all, the current main is online integration, essentially O2O. Because from the traditional retail to the copies of the first to detect trends in the near east, in the direction of suning online fusion strategy determination is determined.

from Su Ningyun business name change to online at the back of the same price, to the new open platform, suning has now established a “shop business + electricity + retail services” of the new model. Nowadays, Su Ningyun dealer has around the store end, PC, wireless end, pay the end, the background such as finance, logistics, warehousing, Internet advertising platform complete filling system.

cat than day, su ning has a huge offline stores, and completely controlled, can to a certain extent, to ensure that the shopping flow. According to the idea of suning, suning stores of the O2O mode is no longer only stores sales function, but a collection of display, experience, logistics and after-sales service, leisure, social networking, marketing as one of the new stores – “cloud shop”.

however, Su Ningyun pattern also has disadvantages, it is in stores limited in quantity and category, or charging for merchants to come. In addition, su ning on the entrance of the wireless terminal, maps and other products also have no advantage.

at present, suning has not been revealed O2O shopping section of specific measures. The official said, will be officially announced in the near future. Can imagine that in before, during and after the double tenth a suning will pass online synchronous to carry out a series of promotional activities, in order to compete with Tmall.

industry war

not only is the ali, su ning, the whole electricity industry layout in around the O2O, besides, the rapid development of intelligent devices, also accelerated the trend. After all, mobile is the future.

in May this year, vice President of jingdong 闫小兵 revealed in an interview with the media, home appliance business will try O2O mode, for differentiation. In addition, the medicine platform, hotel reservation, etc., jingdong have a try. Have reported that recently, jingdong invested in home cuisine “, this is also the opportunity to layout O2O market life.

another big players – tencent electricity electricity have been up to. Since last year, tencent’s electricity under the micro team have begun to explore life. Although not very well, but after a period of time after trial and error, the team and launched a small life membership card X1 version in the near future. The official estimate, by the end of the users will reach 80 million.

electricity, CEO of tencent Wu Xiaoguang previously revealed in an interview with the media, more resources to carry out the O2O project in 2013. This means tencent electricity there will be more developed.