Ballmer’s eyes: during the period of Microsoft’s most proud and biggest regret

Steve ballmer next year will soon retire from Microsoft, thus finally have the time to thoroughly review under him for 13 in career.

in a ZDNet Mary Jo Foley during an interview, he said, he is Microsoft’s years are the most proud of is as “founding and development of intelligent personal computer service”. When it comes to whether there are any regret, Mr Ballmer said he is the most regret Windows Vista .

“basically, Windows Vista can be I most regret. “

led by Steve ballmer, Microsoft has in the Vista in the process of research and development, and give up development in the 2003 years developers campaign promises a number of highly competitive features.

Steve ballmer had talked about Windows Vista long development cycle, “we expect to achieve the target is too big, lead to a tortuous development process, development time, also waste a lot of this can be used for the timing of the innovation. “Code named” horns “ Windows Vista , the original plan in XP listed two or three years after the launch. However, the complicated development process makes Windows Vista Windows XP introduction 5 years before finally, belatedly Vista is ultimately missed too many sales season and promotion opportunity.

Steve ballmer if only at the same time, also talked about his views on the future. Mr Ballmer said he to the “Microsoft” life after retirement, there is no clear plan. “Frankly, I do not know what to do”, Mr Ballmer said he is still have no time to consider his retirement plan. “My life is almost composed of family and Microsoft. I was glad that she is about to usher in a new chapter of life, can experience the different life state, or also can further understand yourself, and so on. But before leaving, I really don’t have any definite plans. “

the following is the interview with sina summary:

q: how do you feel today? Since 1980, after all, you have always been one of Microsoft’s most important public figures.

a: someone congratulated me this morning, I feel very surprised, perhaps should not be so. When you retire, this is normal. However, I always feel that there is no perfect retirement time…

on the other hand, this is my life. I love Microsoft and Microsoft. I have a lot of Microsoft stock, I will continue to hold a lot of Microsoft shares. But my personal plan doesn’t allow me to stay in Microsoft forever, so now is the time to do seem to retire.

q: what do you think of looking for a new CEO needs a year?

a: I’m working with the board of directors, board of directors want to looking for candidates, and chief director John Thompson also can talk about his request, but a year should be long enough. The use is for a year, it also can make us step-by-step implementation of the task.

q: what made you decide to retire? Is a sudden decision?

a: I think for a long time, but the timing is becoming more and more obvious in recent months.

we have been working hard, and strive to design strategy, adjust the organization process. To be honest, busy no time to think about these things… I can only say that I am the last two months or two and a half months or so before all the more strongly to think about it.

q: what time do you decided?

a: formal decision is a couple of days ago. I make a phone call to the board of directors. It is about two days ago. I finally made a decision.

q: chairman Bill Gates (Bill Gates) advice is to leave?

a: bill to respect my decision. This kind of thing will eventually have to decide for themselves.

q: what are you doing next?

a: to be honest, I’m not ready yet. I don’t have much time to think of next. Before the board of directors to determine the successor, I don’t have time.

my whole life to the family and Microsoft. I really hope to be able to open a new chapter, enjoy with other aspects of life, a better look at yourself. But now I have no detailed plan.

q: what is the most proud of during your time at Microsoft?

a: I’d be proud to at the beginning of the rise of intelligent trend of personal computing, has become an important part of. Whether mobile phone or PC, belong to this kind of technology. These technologies are probably born in the nineties, the incredible impact on people’s lives. Now, probably more than billion people affected by this, the phone now has more influence, although all is not from us. I am very proud of these achievements.

I’m proud to such incredible impact on the planet, and to manage the company for our shareholders.

q: what is your biggest regret?

A: I really have A chance to make A lot of mistakes, perhaps because people always like to focus on A, B, but I most regret or from Longhorn (Microsoft Windows Vista operating system) to the Vista of the time. This is probably my most regret things. When you organized a huge team to do a final proof of not much value, will have side effects.