Ballmer, who will be successor?

summary: Microsoft is now named Mr. Ballmer’s successor, who will be the successor? ZDNet has provided a list of candidates.

Steve ballmer ( ) in the future one year after the news spread abroad that the outgoing, Microsoft has started successor selection process. Candidates who will have? There is no doubt that the succession may be the members of the Microsoft, also may be airborne prince, the author in the case of Microsoft external candidates don’t know, but it can talk about the potential greater internal candidates.

in fact, as early as January, the writer has the subject as Redmond Magazine . However, since Microsoft has carried on the large-scale restructuring, has bred a new generation of leadership group. In view of the present management of personnel structure, the author here to discuss the possibility of internal successors.

Kevin Turner Turner) : Turner was seen as Mr. Ballmer argued that successor. Turner between Microsoft employees are not too popular, but smart people have been so calculated. However, Turner in the recent restructuring of self-effacing fall from grace, so as a possible successor is not high.

marketing executive director Tami Reller (tammy lekrs) : Reller from 1984 have been working in the great plains software company. 2001 year, Microsoft’s acquisition of the accounting software company, Reller to Microsoft. 2007 , Reller was transferred to Windows department, responsible for Windows business and marketing strategy and its associated equipment.

executive vice President for Tony Bates (Tony Bates) : Bates Skype to join Microsoft, acquisition, Bates is mainly responsible for Skype operation. The recent restructuring, Bates rise further, and become the head of business development and promotion. Bates enter Skype before work, worked as business enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in the cisco group general manager. Bates experience is in line with market to Microsoft requirements, i.e., have a full understanding on businesses and consumers. Therefore, the author thinks that the Bates will be successor of strong competitors.

executive vice President for Satya Nadella (dia , : Nadella work in Microsoft come into contact with many departments within the company. He is responsible for the server and tools business. Previously, Nadella , senior director of online search SuoYanFa’s agency (including Bing , MSN , and advertising and other related business). And before, he was in charge of Microsoft’s business solutions division (mainly for dynamic ERP enterprise resource planning, dynamic CRM customer relationship management, etc.). His latest work is mainly lead the engineering team builds the cloud business and enterprise business. In terms of work experience, Nadella certainly has a wealth of business experience.

there are several former “Microsoft” also considered possible competition under a man