Ballmer to all employees of Microsoft farewell letter: Moving forward

Microsoft chief executive Steve ballmer in Microsoft internal mail to all employees about their retirement plans. Below is the email full text:

I wrote this text is intended to inform you, once the decision to a successor, I will be in the 12 months to resign from the post of Microsoft CEO. The adjustment is also having the best time for the condition. I originally wanted to in the company and transformation equipment and service companies during the adjustment process of the proposed retirement. But for the long-term adjustment needed a CEO can stick all the way. The resignation in also can see.

for Microsoft, it is a very important challenge. Our new senior leadership team is very good. The strategic adjustment is also listed as priority. We are committed to function at this time, with the new team in the field of engineering is to deal with before facing the opportunities and challenges.

(OTL) is the hometown of Microsoft. I love the company. I love we are committed to research and development and popularization of PC and the history of computing. I love our big adventurous. I love those we the willing to accept and believe in what we have potential and eccentricities of the collective. I love we hand in hand with industry partners challenge and win the world pattern. I love our rich variety of users, from businesses to individual users, across industries, across countries, across any background and age.

I am proud of our achievements at present. Since joining Microsoft, we value from $7.5 million to $78 billion. Our size grow from 30 to 100000 people. I for myself in the role of the successful process and 100% full participation in the process of feel very happy. We already have more than 1 billion users. Compared with other companies, we also return the making record profits for the shareholders.

operating injection power for the world’s mission inspired me, at the same time also believe that we will create new splendor. I value personal rights to the Microsoft at present, the future will also continue to one of the largest owner as Microsoft.

this is a difficult decision, it is based on my well-being to consider on the company’s; In addition to family and close friends of my life.

Microsoft’s future is bright. Remember you is the best role in industrial system and all special skills. We also should not be in the adjustment process won’t be any mistakes in a link. I will try my best to focus on this goal, at the same time I also believe that reliable you will also do it. We will win in advance our glory.