Ballmer cries say goodbye to all the staff: “we will again change the world”

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, ballmer in an internal meeting today Microsoft cries to say goodbye to all the staff. According to the insiders, this is Mr. Ballmer as CEO at last a Microsoft conference. Maybe it is the reason that ballmer mood quite excited. In speech on stage, he was singing and jumping, and were hoarse, Shouting: “we will change the world again!” .

speech, ballmer tears

Steve ballmer speak for a moment, then began to sing when he was in the first time to attend the Microsoft conference (1983 ) to sing the songs – Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin ‘Somethin'”. At the same time, Mr. Ballmer started to jump, the screams and cried: “Microsoft word”. When the song ended, Mr. Ballmer has left the excited tear, the participants, and said: “enjoy every minute here, because you are in the world’s greatest job in the company.”

Mr. Ballmer: I want to say thank you

in addition, he also thanked all listen to his speech. He fondly said, “I want to say thank you, but not for someone, but for such a creative, never stop thinking of the company”. Ballmer then ended the passionate speech, but when Jennifer HuaEn wire “I” ve had The Time of The song, think of My Life, “he again slowly. Microsoft employees of the burst into warm applause, and Shouting “we love you!” .

not long ago, the former Microsoft CEO ballmer had announced in a year . Some media have speculated, founder of the ford Ellen? Mr Mulally, and the original nokia CEO Stephen elop will replace the position.

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