Ballmer announced it would resign Microsoft shares were up 8%

an hour before the official published news, Microsoft announced that Mr. Ballmer will in the future 12 leave within months.

Microsoft set up a including chairman Bill Gates, a special committee, together with famous headhunter heidrick & struggles for Microsoft’s search for a New , the New may come from the Microsoft internal or external. Ballmer when to retire depends on New choice when to determine.

is influenced by the “big”, Microsoft’s shares rose 8% after opening :

there are even people said: 2700 billion higher market value of the company 8% , this should much good! is the jobs that sentence: as long as ballmer is on the table, Microsoft is no.

don’t know Mr Ballmer for people happy farewell do?


2000 , 1 month as Microsoft , ballmer has led Microsoft 13 years. Under his leadership, Microsoft’s development smooth and stable profits, but also “almost perfect” to miss the wave of mobile Internet, until today still struggling to keep up. Perhaps “insufficient implementation of greater success, enterprising” ballmer horoscope is suitable for evaluation.

This year

7 month Microsoft on a large scale sector adjustment, reorganization in accordance with the principle of “hardware and service” the line for the four departments. Ballmer also resignation letter to the company has repeatedly stressed that he did, and the future of the New will continue to do, it is Microsoft “successful transformation into a hardware + services company “.