Balance one stone treasure up the fund company to jointly

pay treasure to celestica fund launched the balance of the treasure to service in the industry a stone up. Although there are a number of fund companies hope to follow celestica fund work with alipay, but hunt cloud network learns from authoritative sources, there are several large fund companies are jointly by various means to prevent this kind of new way to change the industry’s existing situation.

fund industry to explore electricity channel has a long history, but celestica fund and pay treasure to completely for the first time in balance treasure the cooperation is based on the characteristics of Internet users to customize a fund products. By the funds of the company’s direct sales system directly lead to the alipay web site and buy 1 yuan, anytime, anywhere can be used in the design of online consumption, electricity balance treasure to completely reverse the original fund mode. It also brings a lot of pressure to the domestic large fund company.

now almost all of the funds the company has its own electricity sector, but in different development degree and emphasis. Deep-pocketed big fund companies, in general, the electricity business channels to promote faster, market share is bigger also, and some small fund companies subject to technical ability and capital strength, the dealer market is difficult to really use electricity.

and balance of appear obviously will completely change the situation. The celestica fund and pay treasure to cooperation in the industry rankings in only 50 or so, but soar streak, with the help of a balance of treasure. From alipay and celestica fund, according to data by 9 p.m. on June 18, 30 points, balance the treasure to surpass the 1 million, the number of users online balance treasure this distance less than six days.

a top 10 fund company insiders to hunt cloud network, according to the figure completely shocked all fund company. It is understood that the current domestic small funds of the company’s total number of customers in general within the millions, big fund companies have several million, 1 million the number of users is likely to have more than a lot of small and medium-sized fund company many years of accumulation of all users. It is also because of this, many fund companies feel the threat from the Internet, as a result, several big fund companies are brewing up its a new thing.

in the big fund companies, fund companies of traditional electricity sales channels mainly depends on self-built website, traffic is limited, difficult to large-scale users; On the other hand, there is not a pay treasure to this platform, to pay for their own monetary fund to provide a wide range of application scenarios, it also makes a lot of big fund companies by jealous of hate.

, for example, have been in the industry take the lead in put out T + 0 monetary fund remit add rich in June 19 daily official microblogging suggest that balance just treasure on copy products, users do envy tone of irony is very thick.

“both short fund company is difficult in the short term supplement, for some large fund company, called balance treasure to do no harm to himself.” Off balance treasure may maintain the interests of the traditional industry, but to have taste blood of millions of users, but is likely to be a bad news.