Baidu’s worst quarterly 4 years, but why in the share price Indian summer?

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

although there are expected, but baidu Q1 results overturned or through, known as the “ 4 years worst quarterly”. Where is bad? I won’t be the column data, simple sentence: income growth slowing, intense rising costs, followed by plunging profit growth.

this scene, li qingzhao’s sound slow quite take tone: looking and searching, courty,’t. The soil, the most difficult interest.

especially this “warm”, too classic. The baidu, a bit like walking in the desert of the walker, and water, but the lack of supply, but there is an oasis in front. Need to have one.

don’t digress. I want to say is, “ 4 in the worst quarterly” after the release of up to now, baidu’s share price has a little counter attack: from 4 26 days of $85.02 now the $95.45 , up more than 12%. why is this?

pundits and analysts will give you a standard answer: 1 , the market is good, the dow and s&p 500 index hit a record; 2 , good policy of our party, China will establish individual investors overseas investment system; 3 , is in recovery, everybody happily up; 4 , acquiring top .

I want to say is, these are the correct nonsense, not in place. To emphasize a logic: first whether or NASDAQ NYSE or something else, the more mature, the higher the market trading market, about the stock go up drop factors is more complex. In short, results can be performance is the main examination questions, there are some other bonus, there are some points, finally calculated the total score, the “total” decision.

BIDU , Q1 results revealed performance, about among the many factors, the absolute is a huge negative weight and high capacity, but the result is 12% of the gains, behind how much good to complete reversal? In the last week is TMT index rise just also 12.9%, gather era, companies such as ctrip and very nice results as high weight, high capacity is good. , the problem that is to say, baidu’s score very poor conditions, the standard answer above a few bonus is not enough to ensure climbed after the earnings release, there must be no attention to subject to baidu.

what is the title? My judgment is li in the release of the results revealed two Numbers: mobile search DAU 1 , than Q4 growth 25%. These two Numbers care of baidu’s 8 $r&d spending (year-on-year rise 82.9%), the former is now, said phased achievement, the latter indicates the future look good.

DAU 1 $is what concept? According to sina, 2012 Q4 weibo (including PC end and mobile end) of DAU 1 million; According to data unearthed by tencent’s latest, the micro letter WAU (monthly active users) is 1.9 , DAU is “ 1 million” level. this means that in mobile search, baidu is already got another entrance tickets. And don’t forget, search on the liquidation mode is actually better than weibo and WeChat, this is like the tone of the capital markets.