Baidu’s browser

in PC or in mobile Internet, the Internet browser is one of the most important web portal. But for as Internet giant baidu, because have absolute control over in the search business, so prophase ignored the relevance of the browser, and therefore in nearly two years in baidu search business have two major challenges, one is 360 PC business challenges, and the second is the rapid development of mobile search, further look at the two challenges are associated with the browser of ignored by baidu.

war make baidu more and more importance to the browser

since last on 360 its search business, is constantly performing the war drama, 360 depend on the control of the browser market at home, in a short period of time to let its search business is growing rapidly. According to the CNZZ , according to data from the year in the market share in baidu in the search industry is 63% , 360 have been 18% , sogou and 10% market share, since last year, baidu has been fully play 360 , war was after several rounds of fierce market game.

360 + search “the combination of the pattern is not a new game, sogou has done for many years, but due to the limited sogou browser users, has kept its search business cannot poses a real threat to baidu, baidu has controlled the search market for many years, have absolute confidence to ignore sogou bring market competition. The 360 search business after launch, the browser to search market really stand out, and the influence of this baidu thoroughly during the paid attention to the market of the browser.

in PC search, baidu has formed a strong brand advantage, most users are accustomed to baidu user experience, while 360 in the market, gradually taking baidu but thoroughly above will not be easy. But on mobile search business, market is very big uncertainty, mobile Internet has just developed, the user has not been the mobile search habits and baidu were serious market uncertainty, especially 360 and sogou in PC Internet browser + search “this combination of business model, ported to mobile Internet also have very big power, so the baidu had UC mobile browser as the primary target.

to buy UC baidu the ineffable painful

and UC the gossip has a long history, the industry has also been very bullish on this pile marriage, if baidu really eat UC , can be completed in the field of mobile Internet browser “