Baidu video App users $to get the first mobile Internet tickets

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for a long time, the industry of baidu in the layout of the mobile Internet to a western diplomat, says it’s slow. But just complaining, baidu but its a product between quietly quietly finished sublimation, this is baidu video App mobile terminal.

, officially announced that baidu baidu video App now total activation subscribers of 100 million mobile end, one day to 20 million active users rapid growth, to become mobile video industry first.

although compared with nearly 400 million registered users WeChat some gap, but from the point of release time contrast, baidu video App growth is rapid. start online since last year to subscriber growth, becoming the first mobile video industry, it took less than 12 months to become China’s largest mobile video flow distribution platform. want to know, micro letter was founded in January 2011, now has two and a half years time, and make full use of the QQ, such as mobile phone address book import relationship chain and recommendations.

is the development trend of mobile Internet. Throughout the domestic well-known Internet companies, all in mobile terminal layout. Among them, the tencent WeChat as vanguard first to get tickets for the mobile Internet; Sina weibo, the netease sohu have to compete by mobile news client. At present many of “ tickets” standard, is generally accepted that users $is one of the most important criteria. now, baidu video App users had the first million, while with the company’s major search concept is a little deviation but also means that baidu’s voice on the mobile end increase greatly, is to get a “ticket”.

from the service function, baidu video and other social, products of domains such as news, is the formation of the development strategy of differentiation, avoided the 6-5 in direct competition with giant. And can with baidu cloud phone assistant and baidu baidu map form products such as matrix.

why baidu video App has so fast development? this is mainly thanks to baidu content aggregation advantage. As is known to all, on the PC, video video is the world’s largest Chinese search engine baidu, has become the main domestic video site traffic entrance. Now, baidu video APP has advantage to the mobile Internet, gather the entire network of the latest and most complete copyrighted video content, more than 350000 movies, TV shows, and huge amounts of animation, variety shows, entertainment, fun, games, music, original, MV sports, such as live video content. And, of course, the built-in Gao Qingyun play kernel technology, such as “ radar” personalized product features for the product also graces many.

according to the statistics, baidu video App differentiation advantage has formed of a user’s strong viscosity, now baidu video App per capita daily use of more than 80 minutes long, the video class an App list.

product was behind the rush is closely related with the outbreak of the mobile Internet. from the Allies to released in 2013, China mobile Internet report in the second quarter of this year, China has more than 500 million active intelligent device, in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared with 245 million, only half a year’s time, active intelligent device is doubled.

not only such, mobile video has become the social mobility, games, users, on average, the application of the longest. Not only that, watching video on mobile phones and tablets, users than more willing to click video ads on the PC. according to the video advertising service provider TubeMogul study found: video on a mobile device before the patch advertising click-through rates as high as 4.9%, and only 0.6% on the PC. this means that mobile video is expected to become another entrance of mobile Internet. this also caused the attention of the industry, such as peas “video search,” 360 “film and television daqo” will be attention in the field of mobile video.

now, has been in the leading position of baidu video App has begun to surrounding ecological system and more meter . Next, video allows each on video website baidu mobile video ads and into, convenient for user at the same time also bring video website cooperation earnings, this will also form a positive cycle.