Baidu tickets

a recent heavy brush the phone system, choose common APP, with years of Google and baidu map between hesitated, finally put on baidu map. Suddenly remind of weeks had always told me: “out of China for too long, updated to keep up with the information.” What he said is Google maps.

is very popular recently, said baidu did not get the tickets of the mobile Internet. Ticket, does an entrance to the mobile Internet industry, such as tencent WeChat, sina weibo, LeiJunYou millet and beautiful MIUI. Baidu’s product experience no entrenched on the mobile end viscosity, so there is no ticket at such a time. Sometimes grieving said: “baidu are used in the beautiful girl to open the entrance, nasty.”

you paralysis.

various “unreliable” comments, often comes from a stranger a curled his big mouth on the dining table, XXX XXX cannot zha drops. Then after full table heard GanChan quietly, eat the leek leek, the garlic is garlic. Because of the face, ha ha would not comment on two loud, diffusion has already begun when he gets back.

frankly, some products do not zha drops of baidu, but somehow a big giant, throughout not zha drops is also unrealistic. Baidu map, it can make more than one person to abandon the original Google maps to cherish, can only say that the power of the product. You know, we this a few prick silk before but Google’s death.

with a map, PC mobile terminal has been finished, the map of radiation around the restaurant, hotel, entertainment, and also through a variety of access, where become net, elong, public comments, with cheng network (roughly swept one eye, which is not confirmed several) information service entrance, and with the expanding of installed capacity, the expansion of the amount of information, baidu beyond Google map has been more than a street.

look at other, who think that baidu idle over the years? I always dare not to think so, you are not a rabbit, the other side more than the tortoise, can’t sleep. When asked how many people in the APP, avoid the baidu search? To avoid the baidu news? To avoid the baidu map? What is in the baidu search, know, post bar, an… Just this is a very large number of process.

baidu have a ticket? I don’t know, but I’m from baidu map seems to see baidu has built in his ship, who doesn’t even have a gate pass port, wash sleep.

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author: arsenic, micro letter public account ShenPL