Baidu strategic analysis: light application is another ticket

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recently, “baidu world 2013” goes well, baidu is also announced the latest concept – light applications. Although 360 immediately on twitter in response to their to do something about this a few years ago, but now does not discuss the dispute in 360 and baidu, let’s take a look at baidu’s strategic layout.

a lot of people first, application of concepts as baidu baidu’s light to solve its recent acquisition of the long tail of 91 wireless application distribution problem, we all know that all of the applications such as 91, apple stores, 360 stores, etc have long tail distribution problem, is refers to the vast majority of application can not get effective promotion and distribution of low frequency, which leads to the strong stronger and the weak weak situation, this will greatly damage the whole APP store ecosystem, so baidu light application can effectively alleviate this problem, this is everybody can see, but I want to say is that, in addition to this, light applications will also help baidu to another mobile Internet except 91 tickets, that is the mobile end baidu search.

simple, light application is, in fact, build an ecological, no technology can easily through baidu light make a belongs to own application, and then accordingly baidu promotion, and focus on here is without technical knowledge can for its application, and baidu to promote, so we imagine: offline traditional industry operators (such as restaurants), want to attract customers through the network, can use this platform to do your own application, and then through the baidu promotion, customers, and the application in the future can be put in order, payment, review, the function of LBS, rich customer experience; And you think again, it is now very fire O2O? So, baidu such an application platform, actually a net to the offline server provides a shortcut to the fastest, the most tempting is baidu’s strong ability of drainage. Said that everyone could say am I too despise public comments on the net this kind of O2O companies many years of experience and customer deposit? Yes, public comments on the net for so many years of experience and precipitation is great, but the market is not saturated, so to speak, in two ways, first, the user side, there are very many people are not popular users, especially in the reach of the public service, the less developed regions. Second, the producer side, many businesses and public cooperation. And, more importantly, for baidu light application platform, the service is all aspects of the involved, is not only the food, so, I think to the back of the O2O server still has a good chance, especially giant baidu this flow, but also to be reckoned with.

these are I think baidu may involve in the future business, here to talk about baidu’s light applications for its existing business what are the benefits and added. First of all, everyone knew slightly understand baidu baidu in 09 puts forward the concept of box computing, simple from the user perspective is from the previous search information, to find a suitable information to search information, directly by the transition of the information they want. As a result, baidu and then introduced its application open platform, to meet various needs. Now, baidu’s light application can better solve this problem, especially in terms of mobile Internet, for example I use mobile search “hitchhiking”, baidu will directly in the search results page on the first column shows the cooperation the entry of the APP, then the user can directly enter taxi function directly meet the needs of users. That is to say, light application greatly enriched the content of baidu box computing, better meet the needs of users, whether in the mobile terminal or on the PC.

two aspects of the above said is a lot of enrich the content and function of baidu search, baidu search portal is the battle of the entrance of the future mobile a bigger chance of victory, combined with the application of distribution center, 91 wireless baidu this a few months ago was considered in the mobile terminal layout is the most slow giant now have two tickets, the contention of the big three mobile entry must be more and more intense, you wait and see! (I is a focus on the Internet college students, I Q # 2665720866, welcome to add me exchange)