Baidu shadow bar “high with low price” to battle for Internet TV box

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no matter whether you believe that, watch the video mode has been quietly changing. Mobile phone, Pad, PC and TV, it seems that overnight, cross-platform between transmission and broadcast has increasingly become a “just”.

with the largest video search baidu user visits, the changes in the trend is even more acute, more screen interaction has become a must. Based on already snapped under the premise of the deployment of cloud services, baidu began to seek new intelligent hardware equipment layout, then grab entrance.

the latest news, according to the baidu is launching a name “baidu shadow stick” hardware products, this is a fancier level hardware configuration of the Internet TV hd broadcast equipment, the user can through the baidu shadow bar on mobile phones, iPhone, tablet, computer network video, wireless projected onto a local video on TV to watch free of charge.

here, everyone must have a little familiar, because Google just launched in July this year Chromecast TV bar products, operation principle and function and baidu bar basic same. After Chromecast launch, global reservation is crazy, this is enough to prove that such products of huge market demand. In addition, fast on big screen, millet box also calculate the same products.

however, compared with similar market baidu shadow bar have more advantages, this is mainly embodied in the configuration, price, and the three aspects of content resources. First look at baidu shadow bar, fast on big screen A – 310 and millet box parameter comparison.

from the point of cost and hardware configuration, baidu shadow bar have a strong performance.

(1), on the configuration, although the three CPU are architecture A9, but in terms of frequency, baidu shadow bar USES A dual-core 1.5 G, this is more than fast sowing A – 310 single core 1.0 GHz, millet box 800 MHZ advantage is obvious, and the memory is 2 times of the other two product. Shadow on the comprehensive performance of it, baidu bar than those sold in the market of millet box, fast information screen, Google Chromecast 4 times higher, than the new latest announced that they had not yet been put up for sale millet box of memory, storage configuration and twice as high.

(2), in terms of price, baidu shadow bar for 198 yuan, the price is the lowest in the similar products, the faster on big screen A – 310 399 yuan, millet 299 yuan of the box A lot cheaper. Combined with the hardware advantage, baidu shadow rod has let users scream of super high cost performance.

(3), the content resources, baidu shadow bar in addition to support multiple screen interactive open general agreement DLNA/AirPlay, also support the baidu video audio exclusive BDPlay agreement, baidu video version of mobile phone, Pad version, av PC can through baidu shadow bar will hd video projected onto a large screen TV. As is known to all, baidu video as the nation’s largest video search platform, the polymerization of the entire network of the latest and most complete video content, more than 350000 movies, TV shows, and massive amounts of anime, variety show.

what made the baidu can do the price lowest? In the industry point of view, there are mainly two aspects, one is the baidu to give consumers enthusiasts top-of-the-line product experience. Second, baidu shadow bar without hardware profit, baidu is promising more screen interactive potential of the emerging market development in the future, that is to say, baidu in the deployment of more.

based on the rich resources of the video content and do more screen interactive hardware, must be a big platform master’s turf. Abroad such as Google’s youtube, domestic baidu video, as one of the biggest video search, video content aggregation platform, has the congenital conditions.