Baidu mobile Internet strategy is no longer “unclear”?

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for a long time, about TAB (tencent, alibaba and baidu), three giant who got the mobile Internet is a hot topic in the discussion of “ticket”. Some people say that tencent WeChat and mobile phone to get the whole raffle tickets, while ma said really only got half zhang, not the whole; Others say, ma resigned as crazy purchase for its move to electric merchant lay the foundation.

for baidu whether got the mobile Internet tickets, external existence all sorts of views. In the recent 2 years, robin li, baidu also many times at home and abroad show determination to invasion of the mobile Internet, including asking employees to awaken the Wolf. At the same time, baidu launched a series of its own mobile Internet products, increasing investment, dig the mobile Internet based service demand, focus on building the mobile cloud service platform.

for baidu in the layout of the mobile Internet, however, a lot of people feel not clear, tencent and alibaba is a bit hazy feeling. With hundreds of millions of users search li say know best industry what is missing, what users need. So, what baidu’s mobile Internet strategy is really about?

mobile Internet based service providers

with tencent key mobile software different layout, baidu seems to focus on mobile Internet based services. This includes two aspects, one is that the mobile cloud; Second, the core search technology.

, baidu announced in one hundred million yuan to build cloud computing center, which is more than any of the current Internet giant’s acquisitions by much larger. In the 2013 in mobile Internet conference, baidu mobile cloud division general manager ming-yuan li is also a detailed interpretation of how baidu mobile cloud is in the service of the developers.

baidu think that mobile search is the most natural application distribution platform, because the search can be more accurate lock users demand, for developers to bring plenty of traffic. In addition, baidu mobile cloud platform for developers to provide “one-stop” work style development environment, including cloud development, cloud capability and application of distributed entrance, through to the massive amounts of data analysis, for developers to provide precise development requirements. Among them, also provides siteapp mobile site service, let ordinary webmaster can low-cost development web App page, and the use of baidu mobile search for SEO .

as a result, baidu even in the absence of the dominant front end App , its huge mobile cloud platform also has a huge number of developers and application is still under the control of the mobile Internet ecosystem. At the same time, baidu in the search technology and conducive to the accumulation of core business – take mobile search entry mobile search, including image search, voice search and mobile phones has natural point.

“we to invest in the cloud ability, hoping to become an important competitor in this field.” Baidu, robin li in reading 2013 Q1 results. At the same time, he also said that baidu on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology advantage to mobile phone users to search more and more dependent on baidu. Therefore, become a mobile Internet based service providers have been central to the mobile Internet ecosystem must be baidu’s core strategy.

to preempt the entrance and the strategic defensive

by surrounding the core strategy, baidu is through the way of independent development and investment principle of “” preempt the mobile Internet portal, and form the strategic defensive. Entrance is representing the flow with the user, represents a big data at the same time, the future of the Internet company’s competition is the contention of big data has been the consensus. Take the social user data if tencent, alibaba done electricity user data, baidu must better mobile search data obtained, therefore take entrance is very important.

“at present, the mobile search is at the early stage, as is often the case, the user is difficult to distinguish the quality of the search engine. So in this stage now, for the establishment of the channel is very important.” Robin li said in reply to questions from analysts. Baidu present value mobile search channels, so grab the mobile Internet all kinds of entrance is very important. Baidu mobile search DAU 1 than it is in this context, on the one hand, mobile search is evolved into the user’s demand, on the other hand strengthen the channels of the accused baidu also played an important role.

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