Baidu mobile Internet: start with a sister

baidu have a mobile strategy? There are!

baidu beauty making announcements of the explosive of

artists in baidu

APP, baidu baidu mobile phone map, cell phone input method, baidu mobile browser, contacts, baidu baidu network backup, baidu, baidu desktop wallpaper. You may have heard of these products, if you use the products of these, one female compatriots, congratulations you, enjoy treatment of some of the crowd. Internet giant baidu as the TOP level, still lack a heavyweight star product.

baidu said, our mobile strategy is lurking deep under the sea, is a cloud, the input for the APP buoyancy and energy, we come to the dealer. Strategy is beautiful, but the ground is limp.

the big three, information, tencent, baidu circle, business circle ali. Tencent and ali has entered the inertia of the mobile Internet, because of their respective user threshold is high enough, viscosity, precipitation mass relation chain. Only circle lack enough information of baidu strong magnetic field to attract users to enter the mobile Internet.

when tencent on a WeChat alone can show almost all the mobile Internet world of imagination, baidu this grand structure built more like a pipe dream.

however, things have changed. Baidu beauty shoot!

cannons on the micro letter you say too much, ma certainly does not recognize. You said Momo is booty call artifact, the somebody else Tang Yan is reserved. But baidu beauty shoot this app is Shouting in the street with bare arms directly: here I have a sister, I was really the booty call artifact!

made of?

baidu is forced. But it should be baidu adjustment point of view, put down, really want to practice in the mobile Internet.

although baidu is a giant, but li also acknowledge that in the PC the advantage of the Internet and cannot be copied directly to the mobile Internet.

baidu need to occupy a bastion in the mobile Internet to prove their abilities, regardless of is how to build the fortress, and the dream is to start from a sister.

has a sister, have a color, can make it? We have to wait and see.

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