Baidu mobile accounted for 10% of the total three interpretations

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recently, baidu released second-quarter earnings, in addition to revenue reached 7.561 billion yuan, profit growth, is a more notable figures, revenues from the mobile broke through 10% for the first time. Why the Numbers are so pay attention to? From the point of the global Internet, Google mobile advertising revenue last year took more than half of the share, even late Facebook mobile revenue already more than 30% of the proportion. But in China, can get the real gold and silver from the mobile Internet is taking, I’m afraid only mobile phone games.

so, baidu 10% to break through the mobile income, is of milestone significance. Can be illustrated from three angles.

a WeChat is tencent’s hand, is considered the first mobile Internet ticket, ali acquired shares in sina weibo, is packed into the moving gate. But only in the baidu has long been considered as the mobile Internet “late”, in the absence of strong mobile end flow and user entrance product, so just had $1.9 billion acquisition of 91 wireless feat, but reported income accounted for 10%, about $122 million, while the micro sino weibo are also on the commercial road in all kinds of exploration, no doubt to bet against baidu a slap in the face.

2 it is, for now, baidu mobile revenue is still a mobile search mode, which means that mobile marketing business model in the mobile terminal is feasible, is the enterprise approved by the customer. This and the past outside calls “search pattern is difficult to graft into mobile end”, is a right back.

three is, from the point of view of traffic, mobile search is to use frequency of the second application, income above 10%, means that, as the mobile advertising market mature, mobile revenue migration is happening, baidu mobile revenue will continue to grow in the future.

so, probably a lot of people will be in doubt, baidu mobile revenue above 10%, what is the reason? Simply because of the development of mobile advertising to a tipping point? Apparently not so simple. We can analyze.

users use habits are changing

APP once dominated the form of mobile Internet, but recently there have been a lot of questions and rational analysis, the APP model in distribution efficiency, user viscosity, use frequency is falling sharply. In the past years, a growing number of mobile phone users no longer frequent download new APP, even if it is already downloaded and seldom open, apple Appstore on 80% of APP store is in a state of “zombie”, go unattended to.

at the same time, various upgrades and pushed the App lets users off. So many users have been trying to use the search and Web App to solve the problem.

mobile web site (web App) has become a trend

in the APP form increasingly stable, bubble disappear gradually, before looking for third-party companies follow suit development enterprise APP strategy began to change, the development of mobile website is becoming a new trend. The author understands that many webmasters start steering, no longer go APP only one road, after all, each enterprise to develop an APP, to squeeze the user mobile phone screen, it is not realistic.

but for the moment, in fact, most Web App in touch, interactive mobile experience, such as almost the same way as the App, the key is the development of Web App operating costs are much lower than the App. Mobile web site quantity zhengda scale growth. This form more convergence on the Internet, and baidu site app and third-party companies and provides a more convenient mobile transcoding, tools, also promoted the mobile web site.

mobile advertising delivery efficiency is gradually improved

mobile advertising in the past few years, there have been a small high tide, also to the promotion of the enterprise customers to mobile has a important role in promoting migration. But due to constraints such as terminals, bandwidth, mobile application environment is not mature, lead to the previous round of boom basic was shoot dead on the beach. But since last year, mobile advertising began to heat up; Many companies are trying to found that the in – APPS way of advertising, on the conversion rate, click rate, delivery cost is not ideal, and only suitable for certain industries, therefore, walk past the APP polymer flow, directional pattern matching platform also encountered challenges.

at the same time, the pattern of mobile search ads began to be popular, of course, this also with the decline of APP form has a direct relationship, after all, APP mobile advertising model are highly dependent on the number of APP and a long tail. Baidu, according to the data provided by the mobile marketing click costs are lower, than the PC was reduced by 40%, ROI, CTR (click-through rates) to several times higher than that of PC, and even the search box, CTR increased 3.9 times, the conversion rate is higher than the APP a lot. And have an innate mobile personalization, accurate characteristics, combined with LBS, qr code, telephone and other technology, finish the further action, such as telephone counseling, download can establish a closed-loop consumption ecological system, movement or action decision-making mechanism is more outstanding.

about revenue forecast of Q3 baidu mobile end

since mobile revenue broke through the 10% in the second quarter of baidu, then Q3 baidu will continue to surge? The answer is clearly yes. For two reasons: one is learned, baidu to promote mobile system in the first half of this year is almost finished the layout, also form a complete set of tools and services related to the WEB, baidu’s hand with 60 m customers, these customers tend to search marketing model is very dependent on, also get higher returns and benefits. Internal message that baidu in the second half of the year will increase the input on the popularization of mobile search. Enterprises are not familiar with in the past, may be on the sidelines, but with a good example, enterprises involved, it is just a matter of time.

second, baidu’s just 91 wireless, because it is a wholly-owned acquisitions, is bound to be consolidated, 91 assistant clients such as mobile promotion ability ranked second in the industry, were integrated in baidu, after go in and baidu mobile assistant sent to distribute a quantity is already beyond 360 mobile phone assistant, become the first big application distribution channels, this will greatly squeezed 360 applications from distribution of the income scale. Now, in the first quarter of 91 wireless revenue of 145 million yuan, the total revenue was $245 million last year, 50% of the proportion for the AD. So only from the point of view of digital merger, baidu mobile income will soar.

so, Q3 when baidu mobile revenue Numbers, don’t have to feel surprised the outside world, the results, will be expected, understandable.