Baidu marriage behind everyone To get the thought again

baidu bid into reality, basically everyone is bullish on the deal. Everyone from glutinous rice loss pressure relief, baidu find O2O market breakthrough, LBS + O2O combination have infinite imaginary space, baidu, everyone shares rose also proves that the recognition of the investment capital market. Tell from the trend, baidu investment glutinous rice is desirable, however, this is just the beginning, between baidu and everyone still has a lot of details worth mining.

baidu nearly group

glutinous rice continuous quarters of losses as a listed company of the all pressure, to make glutinous rice market winners, eventually everyone will have to spend more, but in fact everyone has been unable to afford the expenditure. Is eating into profits, shares, and everyone can do for glutinous rice has reached a limit. Meanwhile, baidu is finding the right group goals, to increase the baidu map the influence of the business, to get the marriage of both sides.

is or to buy ?

on 23 days afternoon, baidu announced everyone’s strategic investment group glutinous rice net 1.6 1 $, about 59% of the company. This also let glutinous rice at 2.7 $.

from the point of the current news, the money is used to give injections of glutinous rice, baidu did everyone from which part of the cash is not clear, the wait for the fourth quarter after deals are completed to see everyone this year Q4 should not be clear results. But what is certain is that is definitely not baidu take 1.6 $ 59% , because glutinous rice will be the joint venture company, to continue to operate, that baidu also get additional operating investment, glutinous rice value means more money, obviously glutinous rice. Everyone may from its investment in the part of baidu, but certainly not many, is more likely to have received a cent.

how valuation of glutinous rice?

there are many kinds of methods, valuation of glutinous rice valuation so? Everyone is under the thumb through the results, the past a quarter net loss about 6000 $, but the loss of glutinous rice in narrowing, if to the investment in the fourth quarter, the next two quarters everyone probably have to take out 1000 $support glutinous rice net losses. So the glutinous rice in the fourth quarter net is the joint venture company, everyone has probably took out 7000 $, how much can be accounted for, it’s depends on how much baidu can?

baidu demands absolute holding, investment must spare 7000 million dollars. By everyone. 7000 $account for stocks 41% , glutinous rice a market capitalization of about 1.7 $, baidu to 59% just put 1 $or so. Glutinous rice has a certain market size and position, however, there must be a premium in the game, eventually baidu contributive 1.6 $account for stocks 59% is the result of both sides can accept. So far everyone put 7000 $ 41% shares have value 1.1