Baidu LBS + + O2O map coupon value space have how old?

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rumor baidu acquisition glutinous rice is nearing an end, everyone is a hot potato to baidu, and then the two sides share prices have surged. From the point of view of industry trends and baidu’s strategy layout the deal workable, baidu’s advantage lies in the map service, hope to borrow a bulk to complete the layout of the LBS + O2O not wrong. But more detailed analysis, baidu’s acquisition of glutinous rice development LBS + O2O business direction seems to be a little deviation, “group purchase” perfect combination with a “map” is a strategic issue that need to be pay attention to.

the mobile Internet era O2O + LBS market space for imagination has no doubt, this is a representative of the O2O mode, mainly including catering, entertainment, hotels, travel, life services, commodities, and the other five types, relatively stable market share, at 50%, 25%, 10%, 10%, 5% or so. We respectively discuss the feasibility of the “map + group” combination.

analysis map + group-buying portfolio model is feasible, can from the following four Angle, planning/immediacy, price factor, reputation factor, geographical location, the four factors determine the value of the flow, it is concluded that the result is “first maps or first group”, after consumers decide who to who, which is decided by which platform consumption, so the “map” after deals first with “coupon after the first map” is very different. Further look, baidu is LBS + O2O map + group combination, this combination will be weaker than innate O2O + LBS deals + map combination, which in the former which in the need to clear up.

map + group purchase: catering to explore

catering group accounted for 50% of all is the biggest market share, so its for baidu map + group combination strategy of decisive significance. So let’s start by analyzing the map + group combination in the catering market value.

according to the above four angles, catering group buying is planned and timeliness, under normal circumstances, the bulk of the planned stronger, because the process of group buying is to choose, choose what to eat, where to eat, price standard, most of the time still need to make an appointment in advance. Of course also have instant case, is walking suddenly hungry, may want to find place to eat nearby. So planning or immediacy is a bulk major premise, price, reputation, geographical location affect the final decision.

, a planning group, occurred in PC more, consumers will according to price, reputation, location factor decided to purchase which buys the product, the location factors can be fulfilled through the map, but the map function also is just a reference factor of the planning group purchase, the consumer is because the group purchase map, rather than because of map for bulk order, the order must be clear.

2, real-time group purchase, produce more, on the mobile end customers may walk on the road even when hungry, can produce dining demand at this moment, the same price, reputation, position will also affect the decision. Play a dominant factor for the price, reputation of consumers can be opened first choice APP review class, after the match the nearby bulk order; And sensitive to position, to the price, consumers will open the first map of word of mouth is not sensitive to find nearby restaurants, and the consumers’ demand for bulk is not strong; Therefore, only under the condition of real-time demand, and consumers more sensitive to the position, is also sensitive to prices at the same time, the map + the combination of group purchase worthwhile.

in conclusion, only meet consumers at the same time instant, the dining demand such as price, location, map + group combination can play effect, in turn, this greatly limits the map + group combination patterns in the catering group buying market value.

map + group purchase: entertainment to explore

coupon entertainment products, generally includes tickets for the movie tickets, KTV bar, outing, recreational vehicle, etc., the number of places is limited, fixed position and is not a strong demand for map, planned consumption than immediacy.

limitation, price, reputation, location, the four factors can combination according to the requirements of different customers different situation, which will affect the consumer buying decision, but the whole consumption flow remains in group-buying platform, rather than on the map.

so, map + group-buying platform combinations in most cases will not play a role in the entertainment group buying market.

map + group purchase: hotel tourism to explore

hotel travel deals accounted for about 10% market share, market value is also considerable. Hotel and tourism to discuss separately. Tourism itself has the very strong planning, consumer behavior is to group purchase target first, after the map to find the location, the consumer may occur in group-buying platform rather than a map on the platform.

due to the special hotel’s mode of operation, a night can only check in time, unlike the dining table can reception customers many times a day, so the hotel deals typically require at least one day in advance booking. Hotel group purchase planning, no doubt, is because the process of group purchase hotel planning is strong, so the location of the hotel on consumption factors played an important role, not in the south of the city, and group north of the hotel. So the hotel group buying more intense demand for map, map + the combination of group-buying can play effect, but when the position is not the primary factors of hotel deals, map + the combination of group-buying platform has lost its meaning.

as you can see, the map + group combination of hotel group is bigger, the tourist group purchase basically useless.

map + group purchase: living service to explore

macro speaking group is a form of life service consumption, and live in group-buying industry service is to point to pictorial photography, health massage, hot spring bath, beauty plastic, sports fitness consumption, such as a general designation, this part is market share accounted for about 10%.

simple speaking, this kind of consumer pay more attention to service and price, have less effect on the consumer decision. Assume that the whole city is only a pictorial photography group purchase products, store in the heart of the city, that whether in east or west, as long as there is demand for this group will choose the product, the service and prices play a key role. But if the project in the west, the east consumer through the map query that went to the place need to spend at least three hours’ drive, consumers are likely to give up, this situation affects the consumer decision-making position. Again, for example, when more than at the same time have a hot spring bath center near online group-buying, aging, price, reputation, location and other factors will affect consumer decision making. But consumption is still happen in the website, rather than a map on the platform.

in that case, the combination of the appended drawings + group-buying in life service group-buying market value, it should not.

buying + map: goods and explore other

goods and other than the market share of about 5%, we won’t talk about other deals here, but goods group number is through the form of B2C or C2C transactions, not involving the specific service location, so at the current market situation, the combination of “map + group” also useless.

note that problem a: deals with the difference of map attribute

after the above discussion can preliminary understanding deals with the relationship between the map and now is to discuss the article mentioned at the beginning of “map” after deals first with the difference between a “coupon” after map first.

before a bulk flow itself has consumer demand, the consumption demand of consumers according to their own choice group buying service, the next step will use the map to find the specific location. And traffic is the nature of the first map to find out the location of the destination, most do not have consumption demand, push this case group-buying services, high conversion rate will not. Say so, “after the first group map” and “coupon after the first map” existence difference, namely “deals + map” and “map + group” two combinations are different.

note problem two: group has provided “deals + map” composite service

many group-buying “products” to provide local map, shows the location of the store information, only the query function weak compared with the pure map service a lot. Will not only such, group-buying services included in “partition”, which means consumers can kinds commodity classification, according to region, according to partition the way has a variety of forms such as administrative, commercial, consumer can choose according to their own area, it is also the location of the group-buying websites to provide information. Group-buying websites actually already provides “deals + map” O2O + LBS combination mode, baidu map + a bulk of LBS + O2O portfolio model is not much advantage.

baidu LBS + O2O opportunity

based on the above discussion, baidu map + group combination market value is not big, but baidu LBS + O2O combination form have a chance.

if aimed at food and beverage market, baidu map to do catering O2O need is strong immediacy of coupons, rather than a dirigiste group-buying, coupons is a show at any time using products at any time, don’t need to make an appointment in advance, more fit LBS + O2O portfolio model of immediacy consumption, group-buying business is not baidu.

entertainment, travel and life service, baidu to current LBS + O2O strategy can let fly, because cut mode in conformity with the three pieces of market consumption habits. Hotel reservation in the field of is focus on baidu, baidu investment where network can play a huge role.

in the commodity market, think in terms of the future market space for imagination, baidu LBS + O2O combination is very have market potential. In the commodity market, baidu map can start from the surrounding retail formats, such as business, retail store, fruit store etc, for the retail owner for advertising and promotional information release platform or platform, monthly fee or advertising, but it is not a bulk mode, the business is a bulk is not cover local retail formats. Now not only local life service O2O, also very stressed O2O online retailing, large-scale retail enterprises have the strength to solve this problem, but also part of the large retail enterprises and small and medium-sized retail shop owner don’t have this ability, this is the baidu map cuts O2O market opportunities.

baidu buying glutinous rice settle for second best is not ideal for

finally returned to the baidu to acquire the question of glutinous rice, baidu O2O layout can’t rush to do big hard, need to find a breakthrough point, then gradually expand, like jingdong from 3 c, gradually complete the whole category layout. Coupon is not baidu comes in.

if baidu want to spend more money to buy the public comments to is on baidu in the layout of the O2O market have the very big help, can spend $91 and $1.9 billion, should buy public comment on make more money. Buying all hands mess glutinous rice net value, only the team and the customer resources, on the specific business model and does not make sense.


the public is not willing to sell, even if the next baidu, also shouldn’t choose glutinous rice, ali tintin, baidu optional purchase upon shef shake, pudding coupons, such as mobile O2O products, this not only can’t spend how many money, the meaning of baidu mobile LBS + O2O layout than buy glutinous rice between. But on the whole, unit price cheap, baidu accepted also just as well, then can continue to buy.

baidu can oneself operation, to see if the combination of the “map + group” contribute to the strategic development of LBS + O2O. Everyone is not an “social + group” mode, baidu “map + group” mode is feasible?


a bulk + map combination anyone can do it, can do cooperation, also can do it alone, still can not do, because a bulk + closed-loop map is not the consumption, which in turn map + deals closed loop is not consumption, together to do also is not much advantage. Move the advantage is baidu baidu map, driving the development of group purchase is another matter, but baidu map may have a lot of user’s location search baidu map data, but want to distinguish these location search data consumption value, whether these data have been spending, just in the use of baidu map to find business location, or the real near the use of baidu map to find a bulk discount, this problem is clear.

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