Baidu is developing a similar inside the product named Baidu Google glasses Eye

baidu has been confirmed in the development of a similar Google glasses wearable computer products, internal development named Baidu Eye . But there is no the product on the market plan.

this week there have been several Chinese media reported the news, but a lot of people think this is just a less funny April fool’s day. But the news is true, baidu international communication department Kaiser Kuo to our reporter confirmed that baidu really is developing such a product.

“we are really in the development. But now I don’t need to market, “ Kuo in a telephone interview.

Kuo but said the glasses products is one of baidu internal experimental projects. But now Google glasses in a global boom, and to begin a portion of the consumer, because the “eye” baidu will not become a member of the similar products on the market. While baidu claimed that he does not specify the schedule of the market.

the device and the Google glasses similar to support voice control, can be used for multiple purposes. Kuo distance said it used to in the streets or shops pictures are available, and then get more information about the photos and articles (similar to a search? .

he said: “baidu understand words are not always the best way to search.” Visual, sound and other cognitive way is closer to nature. It sounds very interesting, after all the glasses as the entrance to search with Google glasses product ideas differ, Google glasses of the main idea is to put the + as information center of glasses.

some people would say Baidu Eye Google Glass fake goods. But Kuo said baidu’s wearable equipment research and development has been for many years. In addition, Kuo rumours that a lot of Chinese media reports, Baidu Eye is not, as they report, qualcomm chip is adopted.

in addition, baidu, this product is very confidential. Kuo said on the internal report to see this product before, he did not know that baidu has developed a wearable glasses. And Google just idea, many employees Google glasses, brin had took it on the New York subway.

in addition, there is no official baidu product pictures of exposure. Ever send a small picture of sina science and technology, but the authenticity of doubt: