Baidu and 360 settlement is due to outside factors

hey hey, baidu and 360 war both sides to settlement, a cry, not your death is I live encounters are offered to put down the butcher’s knife. At that time each industry in crossing a bit don’t understand!

xiao yun can show everyone, both on the court yesterday said some what important:

trial, baidu company thinks, 360 “put” action only against baidu, and proof in Google, for example. , 360 retort that Google have withdrawn from the Chinese market, is not commonly used web site China’s netizens, and 360 of tagging behavior for the vast majority of domestic mainstream search engine. At the same time also for baidu in the first instance not to other major search engine as an example to proof.

baidu said that the search results are marked and not necessary. “Users through search engines to access web site, only 3.8% of the site may be a fraudulent website.” This claim, 360 immediately retort: “baidu proof of this fraud, fishing site proportion, proves the necessity of put. Every day in baidu claimed 410 million users use baidu search engine, calculated at 3.8%, run into fishing, the amount of fraud website as much as 15 million times.”

baidu expression means 360 excessive security, with the name of security against baidu, 360 express meaning no excessive security, for users to malicious sites accounted for 3.8% of the proportion is still a great threat.

now that both sides don’t agree with each other’s point of view, that is why said may be mediated? Review 3 b war points to strangle a 360360 minute clock is baidu to do double the rhythm of the baidu! Xiao yun to get inside, according to this perhaps is not the original intention.

3 b war already in the ministry of industry and government departments, such as outside factors become the key determinants of the case. According to xiao yun, baidu had hired relevant personage dredge work of the government, while the other 360 not to be outdone, also early, hire a veteran who served as a public relations consultant.

“if baidu and 360 cases open the floodgates, then give the relevant departments of the problem, the steps to reconcile all have, can’t, this is China’s current market environment.”