Baidu acquisition application download market change after 91

the author: ZongNing

today for peas, is a mixed day, baidu announced a proposed $1.9 billion invested 1.9 billion wireless, on the one hand, make their valuation is a lot of, on the other hand, is let oneself on the 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 mobile phone assistant mobile applications market three-horse race, is the absolute disadvantage.

in the android market at present, 360 mobile phone assistant, and peas in the top 91 mobile phone assistant, share proportion is probably 41:33:26. 360 mobile phone assistant back against the 360 rally this big tree, lead, and after find baidu the bigger backer, 91 also get rid of the shadow started with the prison break not listed, pull himself again to the same starting line and 360 mobile phone assistant, with the current capacity of baidu have support, must have great development, and peas is nothing backer have survival pressure, competitive outlook is grim, if can’t find the giant support, may eventually eliminated from competition in the market.

baidu buying 91 valuation is very surprising, according to the current disclosure worth more than $1.9 billion, bid $1 billion merger and acquisition of alibaba, yahoo will exceed 2005 become the Internet’s largest ever takeover in China. Valuation according to this, considering the difference of market share, we can probably give 360 mobile phone assistant valuations in 22 – about $2.5 billion (considering the leading advantage, the valuation should be improved), whereas the peas valuation could to 12 – about $1.5 billion, happy is rising valuations, sorrow is on the market can be the price of the buyer is running out.

the mobile Internet era, all the big crazy in the wireless terminal layout, the individual apps outlook is uncertain circumstances, even WeChat in groping forward, apps distribution channel, is obviously a very important strategic position. With the earliest 91 mobile phone assistant, is to rely on apple started with prison break, has a long history. And peas is the star of the innovation works projects, product reputation has been good. And the biggest hidden champions are 360 mobile phone assistant, although propaganda is not much, but already accounts for almost thirty percent of the total market share. For we cannot but speak the baidu to purchase 91 wireless, is an important part of the containing 360 strategy.

news, baidu shares rose, investors clearly recognized baidu’s investment in this step, very bullish on the future of the wireless. And 360 shares also rose to a record rally at the same time, the market value is close to $7 billion, but if you consider 360 mobile phone assistant valuations, obviously the price also has the very big rise space. After all, 360 mobile phone assistant in 360 full range of product line, is not the core product. In the wireless terminal, 360 mobile phone guardians of installed capacity of more than 360 mobile phone assistant greatly, and on the revenue side, navigation, the game is the core of the absolute main force, in the product end 360 security guards, 360 secured browser is the top priority, rising star search 360 was high hopes. But now, 360 mobile phone assistant, seems to be more represents the wireless side in the future.

the acquisition, can be seen as baidu contain 360 competition, the important measures for the support, the current capacity of baidu have 91 mobile phone assistant will certainly improve market share, but also search gradually under the background of the rise in 360, 360 mobile phone assistant also has the very strong reserves and competitiveness, mobile application download market competition will be gradually from the big three are bully into neutrals, peas if WuJiangLi support, out of fear is inevitable.

but it is important to note that the 91 wireless very large copyright problems, especially by the escape of the reality of the app, background and abundant piracy, let it on the road all the way hard, and this problem may cause u.s.-listed baidu considerable influence and obsession. Apple may even have to baidu held accountable. In AnZhuoDuan, security issues have also been persistent, because of the characteristic of the open complex android products, as well as 91 before because income paid to download for the pressure of business model, and quite a lot of pirated suction fee application by encapsulation, aggregation, and once again paying promotion way exists in 91 platform. Therefore peas specifically introduced to wash white white function identification of malicious applications of piracy, the main safety 360 mobile phone assistant also launched a similar shine on a demon mirror service function and to compensate first, won the initiative in the competition.

so safety and copyright issues and may become the greatest hazard to the baidu to buy 91.