Asus Windows RT

according to the Wall Street journal, the world famous PC manufacturer asus, Windows RT system will stop production of tablets, but also will produce Windows 8 series of deformation of the/super this products.

on Friday, Mr Shen, President of asustek (Jerry Shen said: “give up Windows RT is not our personal decision, but the choice of the market.”

close for some time, its performance in the mobile operating system, Microsoft is let Wall Street surprise. In both the lack of application Windows Phone 8, loss-leader Surface RT, let once PC giants reared its head. Although Mr Ballmer trying to find a new development for the company to support, but in terms of mobile operating system, Microsoft still can’t compete with apple and Google.

before the advent of the tablet, PC makers have tried a small, lightweight laptop. However, due to the homogeneity, very few winners, and asus Eee PC is one of the best. Later, asus, at the same time in the production of tablet based on Android, became the first tablet manufacturers produce Windows RT system.

however, as close to a period of time Windows RT’s poor showing in the market, many of the original partners have gradually abandoned the production of tablets of the system, the company is no exception. Last week, hunting cloud network reported that

however, Microsoft still won’t give up Windows RT (based on ARM architecture, independent of other Microsoft business tablet system). With the asus President’s statement, a Microsoft spokesman replied “Microsoft will continue to promote the development of ARM platform, later in the year we will provide the next generation of new ARM architecture Windows equipment.”

but given Windows RT highbrow, Microsoft wants to promote this unique tablet operating system, can personally shirtless.