Asus: sell mobile phone to America next year!

as the second-biggest maker of the Android tablet, asus, in the process of positive transformation, has found a new niche market. Foreign technology media reported All ThingsD, however, asus will launch smartphones, and into the U.S. market.

is well known, the American market competition is fierce, it is a well-known international brands such as SONY and LG, are difficult to gain a foothold in the United States. As currently envisaged, on the one hand, apple and samsung firmly occupied the high-end mobile market, the low-end market were new entrants such as huawei, zte to fry. For asus “late”, enter the mobile phone market in the United States, will be a huge challenge.

last week, the new Nexus 7 after the release of an interview, the company chairman Jonney Shih (Jonney Shih) said: “although in smartphones, we are the real latecomers, but asustek is actively engaged in this industry in the product development work. In addition, we will also work with retailers and carriers in the United States to establish relations of cooperation, in order to achieve greater success in the market.”

the asus in product operation and marketing at the same time, has been with operators, retailers, maintained a good strategic partnership.

jonney shih said that although the asus already in overtime and vigorously develop, can the independent brand of smart phone devices in the next year at the earliest.

so far, asustek in smartphones, but only a product called “Pad Phone” outshine others. This is referred to as the first industry deformation “phone” the function of the equipment is. In addition to can be used as a smartphone, PadPhone can also be put on the flat base, act as tablet battery. In Mr. Shih’s view, the smartphone, tablets for the integration of multi-function equipment, carrying the asus for aesthetics and the innovation of science and technology integration.

, asus will in the future to launch a new 7 inch tablet PC, which called smart devices with the same phone. The new product will be in the mobile computing function, on the basis of both the user’s voice function. However, the current combination product has not yet been developed in the end.

for a long time, asustek are actively deployed their own mobile devices. The PC makers from Taiwan, launched a series of mobile intelligent devices in a row, and hope can through the form of innovation to gain market recognition. Besides PadFone has launched three generations, asustek also recently launched the “functional three-pronged equipment – Transformer Book price. (translator note: asus Transformer Book price, the world’s first three use a notebook computer. It is Android limit in tablet mode, table machine mode is Windows limits, both fit, you can switch in the two operating systems.) In the interview, Mr. Shih said proudly, “we will continue to work hard, bring more rich revolutionary product for the user.”