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the first eight Xiong Jun. Chinese Internet but there are so few make NB products after the NB and even become a listed company and he actually had little cattle products, Fu Cheng in 360, Wang Xingzhi in campus, yun-fan zhang to play more, but the ups and downs, the largest the most contrast when several Xiong Jun. On Xiong Jun own expression, the net dragon just spent 100000 yuan to 91 this product and Xiong Jun I packed into the company, but soon Xiong Jun marginalized, and then the story was Xiong Jun took Mr. Lee and Mr. CAI launched synchronously pushing back to xiamen, but the coma is backwardness, 91 is still a procession.

to eight is in the second. Which gaoxiang, IDG gaoxiang, nicknamed the high fat, remember more than a year ago chat with high fat, high fat and jorin raccoon dog complained they missed the right case, YY, UC, Vipshop ah, the three cases is one of the few good case of China, the high fat will summarize the IDG continuous missed because to see for the first time, are talking about very well, but think the direction is wrong, the three companies are back in the direction, but change the direction of IDG found that can’t let go in, as if this was really. Loss, however, win on, 91, the case can make earn rich IDG, gaoxiang can send a single big Internet fund.


in 91, IDG why didn’t miss a lot because of IDG dong-liang Lin this is net dragon investors and directors, 17173 split before sell to sohu once let net dragon and IDG intestines regrets qing (vertical media stories jorin game right raccoon dog know many, also which day eight), 91 such opportunity, IDG is absolutely impossible not to strong participation.

notice: what about high fat hit and miss case story, after eight, in addition to 91, case of 5 million and DX is good, please continue to focus on jorin right raccoon dog, the old neighborhood, the old neighborhood.

the third is to eight Hu Zemin. 91 is one of the few joint chief executives of the Chinese Internet companies, is net dragon CFO before Hu Zemin, then turned away to do 91 CFO and joint chief executives. Thousand not afraid not afraid, afraid the CFO do ceos, but the law was broken after the Hu Zemin. 91 in the three years, while supporting network shares, while fast-growing screens into China mobile Internet company’s worth the investment target, think of is very specific, Hu Zemin still have two brushes, can at least to practice the balance beam. Ceng Hang classmates ever regrets Hu Zemin is can he had seen all the living and working to take care of the good man, jorin raccoon dog right.

the fourth is to eight Zhou Hongyi. In this story, Zhou Hongyi have appeared many times, and started Zhou Hongyi as Allies in 91, should be IDG strings, 91 and 360 set up a joint venture company, the half in half, abacus is 91, 91 to assistant technical contribution, let 91 take 360 to take on the surface of the table, 360 to 360 on the phone with quantity, Hu Zemin once and jorin raccoon dog right off the coast of joy epicenter daphne rose kingma also regrets when drinking, they thought that 360 will be turned to do their own assistant, but not so fast, in this period of time 91 desktop client can grow some, 91 have even in this period, 91 quickly on the market. But when the 360 all have the source code of 91 mobile phone assistant and began to quickly make 360 mobile phone assistant 91 found that, the business license of the joint venture company didn’t come down, so the dead loss.

five to eight is Mr. Wei. 91 to be listed, want to hire a CEO, the most began to want to please ye peng, or jorin raccoon dog right out of the idea, ye peng in ali marginalized at that time, the baidu executives and apple has done before, for endorsement, but I can’t take that ye peng, and Mr. Wei’s idea, compared to January, Mr. Wei is more big, relations with Hong Kong capital market better, because net dragon listed in Hong Kong, 91 should be listed separately, the optimal choice or listed in Hong Kong), is a more suitable candidate. But Mr. Wei from ali after ma or treated, also a lot of money on hand, do your own jia royal funds, therefore, wei jia royal yourself to put some money in. It has 10 times the return. More than a month ago, jack ma, retirement and alibaba spread the message of also want to buy 91, largely because Mr Wei in one of the moral integrity of the message, oh, baidu seems to also talk about at that time.

six to eight is Mr Li. Long time no news of Mr Li, especially with the sister Isabella leong after break up, really have exposure or gossip. But Mr Li is the first high-tech Hong Kong native idol. Mr Li’s incoming, intention to break into the capital market in Hong Kong 91 still has a lot of help, but Mr Li family with ma family contact closely, therefore, 91 is the transaction also appeared in the process of tencent’s shadow. However, tencent has never been high participation, because tencent has WeChat itself, also for the itools, in mobile Internet terminal layout is fine, not so strong pressing needs.

$1.9 billion to buy a 91, “day price, but want to buy such a bureau, actually also is not expensive, 91, the bureau has net dragon break-up, a heavy IDG note, have a profile, with Mr. Wei, Richard li, after flashing mascherano and Jack ma, which is one of the most expensive in the history of Chinese Internet culture bureau.

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