Assessment found that wear resistance of the new generation of the iPhone as the iPhone 5

, according to the Associated Press in New York, with the release iPhone5c and 5 s, many users have been found, a new generation of the iPhone more excellent ability to resist damage does not seem to have the iPhone 5.

protection solution provider of electronic products at San Francisco SquareTrade will fall, water and other daily loss situation has carried on the simulation test to 5 yearago, including a new generation of the iPhone. Test results show that apple’s latest iPhone damage resistance than the iPhone 5.

this test, the samsung Galaxy S4 scores the most is not optimistic. According to SquareTrade after soaking, height of 5 inches after drop test, the Galaxy S4 can run normally. And smoothly through the test of smartphone is Google’s Moto X. SquareTrade marketing director Ty Shay said “we thought that a new generation of the iPhone in at least one will have outstanding performance, the results were surprising, but the Moto X into resistance loss ‘champions’.”

for SquareTrade test results, apple, samsung, and Google never respond quickly to make official mail.

Shay said, from the point of SquareTrade the measurement data of recent years, every time apple launched a new generation of the iPhone are compared with the previous generation of more strong resistance to wear and tear. But the 5 s, 5 c together, but broke the tradition.

SquareTrade assessment of each device is mainly based on eight aspects, including the front and rear panel material, equipment, size, weight, height of 5 inches crash tests, and 10 seconds immersion test, etc. SquareTrade says tests performed by the robot to ensure better control variables. SquareTrade from 1 to 10 to score each yearago. The higher the score, accordingly is, the less the ability to resist damage, the greater the risk of facing scrap. All participate in the evaluation of smartphone ability to resist damage are fair. There are still different but finely comparison.

the worst Galaxy S4 won seven points of high loss risk assessment, from SquareTrade video you can see, the test at the end of the S4 almost impossible to run, the screen is tottering. Made of aluminum alloy iPhone5s obtain 5.5 points and 5 c score of plastic shell is 6. And the iphone 5 to 5 points.

Shay particularly pointed out that in terms of loss falls, the iphone 5 c were more likely to wear and tear. The 5 s in sideslip test also disappointing. IPhone5s sideslip distance is 3 inches, sliding distance of 2 inches, the iphone 5 and the 5 s is directly with joy slip out of the desktop.

The most beautiful Moto X

test score is 4.5, after the end of evaluation is not like the Galaxy S4 scarred, is only a little wear and tear. Shay, Moto X creative arc back cover design is very suitable for grip.