ARM crossover development, acquire startups Sensinode foray into the Internet of things

in recent days, Windows and Apple ARM chip products will we see an endless, for example, Microsoft will launch of Surface 2 , nokia is going to launch the first Windows tablet , and Apple is going to launch new iPhone and so on. It is not hard to see, ARM the Cambridge background of the semiconductor technology companies are the to forge ahead of the development stage. Recently its acquisition of Finland iot software start-ups Sensinode Oy move also suggests that the ARM hope to be able to become a networking equipment associated core development goals.

, so to speak, this acquisition is a bolt-on acquisitions: ARM said, after the acquisition, ARM in the sales of their ARM architecture series processor and mbed chipset projects at the same time, will continue to provide new and old customers Sensinode NanoStack and NanoService products and services.

about the acquisition of related financial terms not to open at present.

in the smartphone and tablet industry, ARM name is common, with giants such as apple’s cooperation but also make it. (apple’s special based on ARM chipset design device chip. However, ARM the from flat mobile, cross-border acquisitions Sensinode action is not without warning.

as early as last year, the current President of CEO Warren East office, the company engineers before Simon Segars after the succession, ARM emphasizes the company will focus on developing from a long-term point of view. Specific for , ARM service will not only confined to the us but a “mobile devices”, which will include automobile, oven and other household electrical appliances, industrial robots, or user needs or in the work life is to network operation is likely to be.

can be connected to the supplies does: LOT Internet technology can be used for wireless sensor, intelligent connection of home appliances, home health supplies, and wearable electronic products. ARM aspects mentioned, Internet of things technology suitable for using the same cellular connection and new OMA lightweight M2M equipment management standard of M2M ( the Machine – to – Machine ) applications.

CEO East before

in retirement, the said, to see we have been in operation more in the long run, we believe that now is a new leader in the industry, in the next stage of the development of steps, and further planning for the future .

and the acquisition is fulfilled East . ARM aspects, expects to 2020 the end of the year, networking equipment will reach 300. Last year, based on the ARM chips shipments of 87 . Considering the the development space between ARM existing reputation, it is not hard to see ARM the offer will be considered a right time to enter the Internet of things.

, in a statement, the ARM executive vice President, system design department manager John Cornish , “ARM has been committed to the establishment of the Internet of things industry standard. under the Internet of things of standardization, billions of different kinds, function of equipment will be through interactive Internet protocols and web services together.

you can see, the same competitors such as Intel ring feeding at present, in the field of Internet of things development ARM to promote the importance of the standardization of the Internet of things.

ARM aspects will Sensinode description low cost, low energy consumption of networking equipment pioneer in the field of related software, is also the major contributor of open Internet standards . Sensinode open Internet standards contributions include: developed in view of the low cost of low energy consumption equipment 6 lowpan , CoAP standard of IETF , ZigBee IP