Applications such as Path, Vine, a unique, Hipstamatic would WP8 landing platform

today, nokia finally uncovered the veil of the company 1020. (see) and the 41 million pixels “camera” can make a Phone call at the same time that the message is: the Path, Vine, a unique, Hipstamatic (Oggl), Yelp, Foursquare, and other applications will log on to Windows Phone platform 8. Some of them will be the first to monopoly by the company.

but so far, sets a still does not intend to WP 8 edition of…

as a private social applications (up to only allow you to add 150 friends), by some users like Path also announced the WP version under development. As for when will officially launched, we have no news of the official yet. Promotion, however, in view of the company is committed to create high pixel, multi-function camera phone “traditional”, the photo sharing application Path will be “the best”.

although sets have not login WP8 signs, but delight in image processing and social applications, users don’t have to worry about because you can choose (creative camera), and (released a social networking site for the center with pictures) as an alternative. It is reported, the company 1020 will be used as the first exclusive Hipstamatic WP8 mobile phones.

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge, Twitter’s short video sharing application Vine will be into The arms of WP8.

in addition, news aggregation class application and location service Foursquare will login WP8 platform, but the specific dates of is uncertain.

for has been halted for lack of application of WP system, the news is proved long drought. If Microsoft can always support nokia, and produce a more attractive smartphone, then there will be more third party applications login WP8 platform. A day may come when the WP want to move the market share in the dream can really become a reality, but the premise is Microsoft’s not repeat pit teammates brilliant achievements.