Application remit earnings announcement game transport accounted for half

July 10 news, the domestic third-party android app store application collects the chief operating officer Yuan Cong revealed that application has been achieved considerable profit. Among them, the multimodal transport business game has half of the application of aggregate income.

open Android makes domestic third-party app store, as one of innovation works the first batch of investment projects, smell the Android applications collect first brought business opportunities, the earlier into the market.

but profit model has been plagued the prime problem of the third party app store. Yuan Cong said that send a began to also have profit mode, completely follow the App Store model in China definitely no way out. App store application collect almost tried all possible profit model, such as software distribution, aggregation advertising SDK, ebook downloads, App store customized mobile phone manufacturers, App store transport brand mobile phone manufacturers, brand App paid promotion, game combined transport and so on.

Yuan Cong business model all sorts of exploration experiences before memories, a face of helpless. Yuan Cong said that in the early days of the Android market, capital inflows, few developers have the funds paid promotion, polymerization low poor advertising SDK conversion (integral wall of this kind of interference user experience model is beyond the scope of consideration), ebook copyright dispute, mobile phone manufacturer app store custom basic is a one-time deal, brand mobile phone manufacturer app store transport cost too much energy team.

until the end of 2011, the beginning of 2011, with the maturing of the Android ecosystem, the popularity of Android phones, capital to enter the market, Internet giant mobile Internet portal for users. Application collect only through brand App won considerable income paid promotion, but an increasing number of server and bandwidth resources such as cost, companies are still making ends meet. In the middle of 2012, mobile phone games start on, application send through the payment link, began to layout through the game. Yuan Cong said, after nearly a year of groping, transport games business already half of the application of aggregate income, growth rapidly.

as third party applications store profit model gradually clear, tencent and other Internet giants begin to enter android application distribution market, third-party android app store has been in the industry, the plight of the Yuan Cong thinks, is similar to traditional industry, a company can withstand giant impact, finally depends largely on the quality of its products. Application link in the circumstance that does not have too big marketing investment, still maintained a strong momentum of growth, it fully shows the application collects the excellent product, not afraid of giants to enter.

Yuan Cong that application tandem down the focus of the work is still a polished product, let users more convenient to find you want. App store is applied to search for the future, therefore, the application link will continue to increase investment in product research and development and operation. Application, on the other hand, hui will enhance the games business investment, focus on supporting the mobile game developers independently.

application link was founded in November 2010, as one of the early innovation works incubator project. Senior Internet practitioners of bowang in July 2011, to a people’s congress (NPC) shareholder joined, as chairman and CEO, Mr Lee as a company director. The company in early 2012, completed A round of funding. At present, the hui has included application number more than 640000, has more than 30 million users, downloaded about 15 million times.