Apple’s win in China

(editor: Tony)

recently, according to the popular newspaper (Want ChinaTimes) to a data show that only 2% of Chinese people is a third “digest” the global luxury market. Although the level of China’s economic development, but most Chinese people are still unable to buy luxury goods.

as a result, when the iPhone 5 c released last month, some people think that apple again ignored the Chinese consumers. After the media rumors of cheap version of the iPhone does not appear. I think, though, apple’s strategy is correct. Apple has always been so, put the target high consumption crowd. While China’s high population increasing, apple monologues.

for apple, the world does not exist the so-called “emerging markets”. In its view, the difference between different market is only caused by cultural tradition. Apple’s judgment standard is: no matter where someone is buying up the apple product, also some people unable to pay. Apple, Chinese the most attractive is that those who are rich enough to buy apple products more and more, and it is more than anywhere else.

similarly, recently documentary records the French wine industry development, the purchasing power of the once again confirms the high spending crowd with apple. The film, points out that China has become a top French red wine sales market.

so that we can understand why the apple would also hire famous British luxury goods makers burberry () CEO Angela ahrendts, and yves saint Laurent (former CEO of famous clothing brand)).

it is clear that the way of apple’s win in China is not coping with a low-cost Android products, but continue to open with Android product brand, quality, price gap. In China, in the United States and around the world, is always the same. Apple to create is “(some) affordable, popular luxury”.