Apple’s Q3 results: profits fell 22% year-on-year, the autumn will push the new product

Q3 2013, according to apple released early today (quarter, not show quarterly) results showed that the apple in the third quarter of 2013 total revenue of $35.3 billion and earnings of $6.9 billion. During the same period last year apple’s total revenue of $35 billion and $88 profit. This means that, in spite of apple’s overall revenue compared to the same flat, but profits fell 21.6%. In view of the company $43.6 billion in total revenue in the first quarter, $9.5 billion net, therefore, apple’s earnings decline in the third quarter of this year was very obvious. It is reported, after apple’s revenue forecasts for the $33.5 billion – $35.5 billion, analysts from Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters) gives a forecast of $350. So, apple’s Q3 net profit decline seems not enough to shock, because had anticipated, but apple’s performance slightly exceeded expectations.


sales have fallen sharply, cause or temporary did not release the new flagship product for apple

, according to apple’s Q3 earnings in the third quarter of this year, iPhone sales continue to grow, up from 26 million units last year for this year’s Q2 31.2 million. Another mobile device market sales year-on-year fall, from 17 million last year to 14.6 million units this year. However, considering the temporary not released a new generation of apple’s flagship product, so the drop in sales is understandable. In addition, the average sale price of apple mobile devices also showed the capacity decline trend, in which the average price of the device after falling for eight months, had fallen to $436. Falling prices, however, on the other hand, to encourage more consumers to buy cheaper tablet devices such as the mini. Despite the iPhone’s price to maintain relatively stable in the range of shock, but the average price of the iPhone is still created historically low, hovering around $593 – $593.


Mac and iPod sales are declining

reported according to apple, Mac and iPod sales have fallen slightly. Mac sales for this quarter of 3.75 million (4.02 million) over the same period of last year, the total revenue from $4.93 billion in the same period last year fell to $4.89 billion in the third quarter of this year. In addition, iPod sales fell 32% this quarter, sold a total of 4.57 million units. However, iTunes is presented good profit, total revenue, up from $3.2 billion in the same period last year to $3.99 billion this year.


tablet and other iOS device sales, price decline, Wall Street’s concern. Investors hope apple in the autumn to come up with a decent flagship tablet. Considering the user’s strong demand for apple’s new device, the rumored “cheap version of the iPhone” or will not be able to help apple staged “prices stop falling.

the apple Q3 earnings call has ended. Peter Oppenheimer, apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer (), said the company will be in the fall of this year and the next 2014 years, to launch “surprised” of new products. Although cook man still kept quiet about product details, such as analysts will also do all kinds of guess, but there is no doubt that apple’s new product strategy is about to begin.