Apple’s acquisition of the Swedish AlgoTrim data compression technology company

hunting cloud network on August 29, according to foreign media reports TechCrunch science and technology, increasing horsepower apple “the bulldozer”, recently acquired a start-up company in Sweden.

it is understood that the company named “AlgoTrim”, mainly for mobile device manufacturers, etc., to provide all kinds of advanced solutions. Its business involves field include: data compression, video image processing technology, and computer graphics, etc.

AlgoTrim company, was founded in 2005. The following year, the production of a program called “Code Compression Library” (Code Compression will Library, the technology is to reduce the size of mobile device firmware) technology, has been applied to the production of mobile devices. Recent report on the company is that it’s in May 2012, for the Photo Album and application of Japan’s leading operator KDDI, launched a new JPEG processing library. It is said that the processing library’s performance, is a traditional LibJPEG 6 was above processing standards.

AlgoTrim involves a variety of data compression technology. And, it has also promised to, through its development of advanced image processing program, can make mobile devices “modern computer camera”. AlgoTrim company pointed out that the so-called modern photography, computer, computer main sensor, the actuator (physical), intelligent flash (intelligent towns) and other accessories. The photography technology, will improve the limitations of existing digital photography.

the professional analysis, the company’s digital image processing technology, will help apple to improve their equipment performance. In addition, some other technology, also can let apple devices become more energy efficient.

it is understood that the co-founder and CEO Anders AlgoTrim Holtsberg will join the company.

in addition, according to a new set of news reports, the apple to the announcement, the following statement:

“apple has been buying all sorts of small technology companies, and we never make any comment on this.”