Apple’s acquisition of indoor positioning company WiFiSlam purchase price of $20 million

according to the Wall Street journal, apple yesterday bought a indoor positioning the company WiFiSlam . The business for two years, company focus on improving the mobile phone in an indoor positioning accuracy, can be indoor positioning precision to 2.5 m.

apple paid a 2000 dollars to complete the acquisition, the terms is unknown. Apple has confirmed the news:

“the venture for two years, company developed a technology to help mobile applications by WiFi signal to determine the user’s indoor location. This technology can help indoor maps, new retailers and developers to their social network applications. The company has a lean team, including former Google employees Joseph wong ( Joseph Huang).”

buy WiFiSlam look is part of the apple continues to improve positioning capacity planning. Over the years apple has acquired C3 Technologies and lappears Poly9 to achieve this goal.

Google also in this area. Thanks to the ubiquitous Google street view, Google is for developers to provide is not only the outside, and it is indoor positioning service, the New version of Google map API Gogobot the characteristics of such is the case. In the field of mobile map, although IOS 6 on apple map is criticized by the user, so that apple had to return to Google maps. But apple apparently did not give up efforts to create a good map.


is still relatively difficult areas. Many companies in this piece of work, but results are not significant. Don’t know why apple bought the young start-ups. Perhaps because of WiFiSlam have a breakthrough in the field.

according to MIT Tech Review , WiFiSlam collect user in indoor WiFi information, comprehensive mobile phones on the use of all kinds of sensors to determine the indoor location. Mobile phone users in indoor short position can be perceived. When the user walks, the phone’s built-in compass and accelerometer signals can help WiFiSlam quick judgement. This is a “Google style “maps application class. Is now being apple acquisitions to improve the map.