Apple’s 30% smoke into a policy but extremely averse potential Allies

Beijing time on April 19, according to foreign media reports, apple for every application in iOS sales 30% into the practice of origin, and even Microsoft to a policy that failed to shake up the apple. However, venture Capital firms Benchmark Capital, a senior partner at Bill and gayle (Bill Gurley) that apple a quick buck was short-sighted, even may eventually lead to the demise of the iOS ecosystem.

below is the article main content:

venture Capital firms Benchmark Capital, bill – gayle, senior partner, said apple for each sales through its app store the digital content all charge 30% “tax” is inappropriate and even may eventually lead to its own app store system collapse.

at first glance, galena, this argument seems to be a bit too exaggerated, but calm down and think we might find that, this thesis of galena, makes sense.

high smoke into

in simple terms, gayle mean apple 30% of the commission rate is too high, it may eventually away that have the potential to become the iOS better application developers. At the same time, more and more developers began to Google Android platform, and hope that through this way to crack down on apple’s core business.

at present, the famous American online order platform OpenTable for through their own reservation system to accomplish success booked every 1.9% of smoke; Well-known electric business platform of eBay will through his platform for revenue merchants charge 9.9% commission. On the other hand, apple has done this for all developers sell iOS application charge 30% commission.

this means that, if an application developer sold for a $1, apple will take away one of the 30 cents, developers get 70 cents. Or, if the application developer by applying payment systems sold for $1 in digital products, game props, apple also take 30 cents commission.

in the past for a long time, apple’s a strategy that has achieved success. Thousands and thousands of application developers rushing to develop applications for iOS, although apple each draw heavily to them, but there are still a lot of developers to get rich quickly became a millionaire.

as the rising prosperity of apple’s app store, the company’s hardware sales also red all the way. Among them, with excellent hardware configuration and the built-in system, and has many third-party developers for its development and mobile application iPhone and it is two of the most successful product. But gayle said, “many well-known Internet companies have been apple that up to 30% of the tax, and that it has become a a big obstacle hindering the development of the mobile applications market quickly”.


apparently, gayle mouth these “well-known Internet companies including Facebook, amazon and Microsoft.

“both in the amazon and Facebook can, and should be the best long-term partner of apple. If I go back in time, or apple choose go back in time, believe they these companies also will be a strong ally of.” Gayle said.

why? Because amazon, Facebook, apple, Microsoft has a common enemy: Google.

however, apple did not strengthen the construction of its own iOS method against Google, but USES 30% of the tax policy. The policy of using force facebook and amazon these companies began looking for a shortcut to crack down on Google, the bold compared to embrace the iOS Android system more open and free.

“iOS could have become a Facebook and amazon’s ideal development platform, they can completely from the start, in-depth integration, such as adding social networks among the contact information in the system to add a key to amazon’s purchase function. And Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) and Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) also have every reason to early on stage together to claim three companies before common achievement, but the reality is not like this.” Gayle said.


now in fact is that the amazon released its Android operating system with the Kindle Fire equipment, and the equipment cost is extremely low, and constitutes a direct threat to apple’s tablet business. Facebook recently officially launched based on the depth of the Android custom UI, called “Facebook Home”. If the product success, iOS will undoubtedly a dilemma.

on the other hand, Microsoft has been released for iOS Office suite’s decision to hesitate, because the company believes apple’s pricing policy is too strict, and 30% of the charging ratio is too high. Although not the same performance of Office suite is outstanding, but it still makes a lost opportunity for further development.

of course, even if there is no apple 30% of the application fee policy, I am afraid, amazon will build the Kindle Fire equipment, because amazon CEO bezos has never been a hapless character, he is sure don’t want to just watching on apple and get rich.

in the same way, Facebook is also not fuel-efficient lamp. The company hopes to have more control over their own mobile platform, therefore whether apple will own much charge ratio is low, Facebook will not give in easily.

at last let’s have a look at Microsoft, the company won’t looked at himself in the PC market share from 90% gradually exhausted, so Windows 8 and Surface tablet was also inevitable.

lack of vision

however, the above analysis can overthrow the fact, that is the best apple had a chance to become a Facebook equipment carrier, and provide the best for amazon user experience. Now, these companies have chosen apple rival platform, and developed a series of products pose a great threat to apple’s core business.

this, gayle said: “apple has leading hardware profit margins, the company doesn’t have to go on like this in the iOS bean, they can sit down to discuss cooperation matters with Facebook and amazon.”

after the most, by the American management guru Peter Drucker (Peter Drucker) a word to end his analysis: “for the product and the price is the excessive pursuit of will ultimately to create a market for competition, high profits also is not the same as the profit maximization. Gross profit margin=x volume, profit maximization is thanks to the contribution margin can create the maximum profit flow. Most venture capitalists will encourage entrepreneurs as much as possible to maximize the product selling price, and within the ecosystem to myself in every transaction Take as much as possible of commission. But this is a short-sighted, because “how much commission you can extract” and “how much commission you should extract” are two different concepts.”