Apple WWDC summary: do these is enough?

1 PM today Beijing time apple held 2013 annual developers conference. Conference of high-profile ios 7, Mac OS 10.9, the new Macbook Air as well as the new workstation Mac Pro. There are rumors already a long time of iTunes Radio. Hunting cloud network summary as below.

New hardware:

the new Macbook Air with Intel’s latest Haswell chip, because of its good energy-saving performance Air range greatly, 11 inch version of the battery life than the previous generation of double for 9 hours, 13 inch version is at an astonishing 12 hours , enough maximum normal use one working day. 11 inch version of the lowest price of $999.

the new Mac Pro “hard and black” appearance, it is hard to imagine a computer host designed according to this appearance. But this is a powerful monster machine:

12 nuclear 256 Intel xeon processor

AMD FirePro double card

improved compared to previous generations had leap.

new system: ios 7, Mac OS 10.9

indeed as expected such as apple claim before, 7 flattening ios, and flat at the same time is the perfect function, seems there are a lot of Android, web OS and Windows Phone system. however, apple, where is copy?

new design of the interface: flat, color bright little fresh

is no longer around the slide to unlock, but easy to fix at the bottom of the lock. This function from the Android.

card multitasking, used web OS and Android 4. People learn about the functions of X

better use drop-down notification bar.

upward from the bottom drag will appear a centralized shortcut Settings page

AirDrop equipment more easily share files between

finally images can be classified as

more and more like Chrome mobile Safari

Appstore later will be able to automatically update all applications.

the beta has been released, you can try it.

Mac OS X 10.9

to improve the experience of the entire file browser Finder, introducing tags Tab feature

more screen management

the apple on the map to Mac

iWork for up, on the browser can also edit iWork, currently supports IE/Chrome/Safari


before widely rumored iRadio Radio music service, apple gave its formal name: iTunes Radio.

no functional innovation compared to the similar services.

iTunes Radio is a free service, but there are advertising.

and select upgrade iTunes Match annual fee ($24.99) enjoy going to advertising.

the update of the WWDC mainly is that these.

the most bright spot: super life Macbook Air

the most controversy: the new ios 7 flat design change

the trough point: Mac Pro the peculiar modelling of

in the era of the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile market, apple do this enough? Right in the hands of consumer. Time will tell.