Apple TV software update this week in response to competition from Google

no, yesterday Apple didn’t release New Apple TV hardware.

and Apple also didn’t mention the any software updates of the set-top box.

but it is coming.

is familiar with the company’s plans said Apple TV is 9 on 18 , a major upgrade. The upgrades and iOS 7 system release at the same time.

, Apple AirPlay big upgrade function. Simply said, the updated will allow people to AirPlay iTunes .

to achieve this is the key to make Apple TV box through the cloud directly download streaming media has been paid. This is a significant change to the existing system, the existing systems require users to download content to the iPhone and the and then copy to TV . This update is for Google the New receiver Chromecast response.

hope this update can be significant.

there had been speculation that Apple will be updated in yesterday’s conference to talk about this, but cook and apple did not in any way mentioned Apple TV .