Apple shares plummeted across – plate below $400 for a time

according to bloomberg, apple shares have plunged 6% , the 201 1 year 12 month after to new lows.

this looks like a slump and apple suppliers Cirrus Logic about. Cirrus Logic mainly provide apple iPhone , iPads audio chips.

on April 17, 2013, Cirrus Logic announced ahead of earnings below expectations, after its share price is down about 10% .

the rating agencies at Canaccord analysts Bobby Burleson , Cirrus Logic quarter earnings of $two hundred and ten million, and its actual income only about $two hundred and six million nine hundred thousand; Cirrus after the earnings per share is expected to 0.89 $, but actually only 0.55 $. Cirrus cut in the second quarter earnings forecasts for 1.5 – $170 million, well below the previous general estimate of the 1. 95 $.

the apple is Cirrus Logic one of the largest customers. Cirrus thus became one of investment apple instead of a company. So, if its earnings decline, people would expect apple’s earnings (ability) will also be weak.

at the moment, apple’s shares as 406.14 $.

investors seem to be common for earnings report next week (situation), and fled from the stock market.

there are analysts expected, apple may not meet their expected earnings, even apple’s second-quarter revenue data. If this happens, then apple will face further share price diving.

the (current) about Cirrus news does not reduce the to worry about the present situation of the apple.

here is apple’s share price during the year, starting on September 17, 2012, apple shares become irresistible trend is down.