Apple shares fell on analyst Andy Zaky pit investors $10.6 million

Philip Elmer – DeWitt in fortune’s report pointed out that because of the poor performance of apple and stocks fell, independent apple analyst Andy Zaky misjudgment caused investors to be as high as $10.6 million in direct losses.

Philip Elmer – DeWitt said, just listen to his prediction, rather than directly entrusted his investing those investors, even lost more money (just these indirect losses can’t detailed statistics).

Zaky blog because for the analysis of the apple and fame, he is very bullish on apple’s share price will crazy rise early, that in later proved to be quite right. When he was known by many investors, and have more understanding to the market, after he set up his own foundation. Elmer – DeWitt think its basically just a hedge fund (also known as hedge funds or hedge funds, it is to point to by and financial options and financial futures and financial derivatives group after combination of high-risk speculation) and for-profit financial fund,).

when apple was a giant, stands high above the Zaky in his blog to apple has been high praise. They generally bullish on the future of apple, the apple also is such.

before work has been done very well, until the plummet. When apple’s innovation and their shares are stagnant, analysts did not become smarter. Apple’s stock began to fall, analysts and investors have already missed the best opportunity to leave. Zaky is among them, his investors lost millions of dollars. Zaky estimates of apple made five times before, the first four times are right, it’s a pity that the last one is wrong.

his last public analysis for the apple is on October 16, he says, will rise to $1000 a share. Another stock analysis for apple influential analyst John Gruber after watching the Zaky analysis, said “I don’t advice to investors, but do the Zaky, listen before his predictions were made a fortune.”

in this case, the investor to listen to the advice of the Zaky again, is very bitter.

unfortunately, Elmer – DeWitt said Zaky thought he missed the $700 mark in September, also missed the $644 mark in April, in order to make up for missed before, after he on apple’s stock price, but the expectations have been slow to come.

the apple has been high on before, like a plane, but since last fall, apple’s stock began to decline, Elmer – DeWitt again called for, hope his investors don’t buy apple stock. To make matters worse, it seems to Elmer – DeWitt, but Zaky communicate with more than 700 investors, encouraging them to adventure then invest in apple, leading to lose all their money.

this story tells us a painful lesson: when you listen to the advice of others, must be careful to be careful, and try to avoid excessive investment on stocks.

we try to contact the Zaky, hope he can some views on this issue, but he expressed his silence. He told Elmer – DeWitt: “apple shares the bottom line is that we do not have to anticipate, apple within a few months in value about 40%, fell to only 10 times earnings. When the stock is indeed a very promising, but it is down. I hope I can give you more explanation, but it looks just a heap of don’t excuse, meaningless.”

Elmer – DeWitt told us that the Zaky has turn his attention away from apple to SPY, began to track the s&p 500 index.