Apple said Google schmidt is a cheat sheet

title suspected show MOE. Actually said it is between Google and apple Google now application of disputes. Google said application to submit to apple, some apple not to pass. Apple said had never received Google now application. According to the analysis, Google wants to put pressure on apple, in this way in order to let more Google system application on IOS platform.

Former chairman of

Google Eric Schmidt seems to be fooled a lot of people. Earlier Thursday, at a meeting in India when he was asked about Google’s search products Google Now will enter iPhone in the field of time, he replied: “this you need to discuss with apple, whether to allow applications to enter app store policy is established by apple and some software we hope that we can enter the store, but apple does not allow”.

this sounds like Google to apple submitted application, but has been in audit state. But apple told CNET , Google so far has not been submitted Google Now software. So we don’t know Schmidt in what to say.

we suspect that there is some room for negotiation. Maybe the Google Google Now in the Google search software, but it is not allowed in this field, in this case, the apple and Schmidt statement is true, but apple said it did not get Google to submit any of the software. But another possibility is Schmidt made up a story about apple.

although each side, apple has approved nearly 100 all iOS application, the concept of sustainability for App Store , take this apple can be firmly in control of the developers. On the contrary, Google has a fairly open app store, he welcomed all applications. Although Google Play is very open, but in fact apple App Store is not closed completely.