Apple plans to transfer small selling cheap iPhone

according to the China site DigiTimes Taiwan science and technology, the iPhone from Taiwan in the supply chain the rumours, apple plans to small sale for cheap iPhone smartphone users in emerging markets to test the market response, are expected to reach 2.5 million units per quarter shipments only to 3 million units.

sources said, is expected to equipped with low-cost iPhone 4 inches LTPS, USES the A6 processor, optimization of the high rate of mature components. In addition, the rumours that apple will offer low-cost iPhone cost-effective plastic shell.

sources, the company will continue to give foxconn in the subcontract production of low-cost iPhone and pegatron existing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners.

in March of this year, tech blog site EMSOne lead firms, an analyst at barclays capital investment reports that apple plans to launch in August this year more than iPhone.

EMSOne said the apple iPhone 5 s will be introduced in August this year and the cheap iPhone rumors already a long time. Cheap iPhone contract manufacturer foxconn, pegatron, configuration 4.5 -inch display, airframe material for composite materials; IPhone 5 s design similar to the current iPhone 5, but there are a variety of colors, other aspects also slightly adjust.

according to Japan’s blog Macotakara reported that apple cheap iphones sold for 2014, for $330.